Does Any Power Tool Like This Exist?


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Does Any Power Tool Like This Exist?

This may be difficult but I am hoping someone will come up with something.

I am looking for a power tool, hopefully 120v & portable.
The best I can describe this tool is like the wringer on an old wringer washing machine. Something I can put a rope into the wringer & it will pull the rope through.
However, it needs to be smaller.... portable. Hopefully 3" or so wide & high. The motor or over-all tool power pack/source can be separate but the head or roller needs to be smaller.
The tool needs to have "gear like" rollers to grip the rope/wire/ etc to pull it through the roller/tool.

Really the best I can describe its intended use is..... again, think wringer type washing machine..... put a rope into the wringer & have it pull it through the wringer & lift/pull up a weight from the tub of the washer.

Any such tool or apparatus that you can think of?
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Sounds like you want an electric winch. Harbor freight has a few cheap ones.
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To be more precise..... a capstan winch.
We use them for pulling ropes thru conduit for electrical cable.
Capstan winches
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I was not aware of capstan winches. These are great. To bad they are bit pricey.
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PJ, your close.... very close. Its the right basic idea but I didnt find exactly the style I had in mind, but I see there are hundreds of different styles. I'll continue to look. I am still hoping to find one where it pulls the rope through the device rather than wrapping the rope around a spool. The only other thing I'm hoping to find is one with a smaller head where the pulley/head/spool would be. If the motor & head were separate &/or connected by a cable or even direct drive, would be ideal.... smaller... like 3" - 4" in size. It'll need to work in a small, tight place.

I'm sorry that I can provide much specific info but if this specific item doesn't exists, I'll need to see what generic parts are available to design and build one if possible. I't be great if they are readily available already.

Again, you are on the right track. I appreciate your response. Hopefully others will have thoughts & ideas.
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All rope pulling devices wrap the rope around a capstan. It's how they gain the friction required to exert force on the rope. The reason every device uses it is because it works very reliably and it's forgiving of variations in the rope.

The device you describe is more complex, less reliable and must be specifically made or adjusted for the rope being used. Devices like that are used to measure rope, but not to impart force onto it. There are also Caterpillar type devices used in industry but nothing DIY.

You could build something with a motor for power, a friction wheel and an idler wheel to hold the rope against the driving friction disc/wheel. Very little of this exists "for" this task so you'll have to do some informal engineering and building (McGivering).
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Thank you for that info PD. I appreciate it. I'll continue to do some looking around.

I appreciate everyone's input.
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Perhaps you could place a simple pulley in the tight space to redirect the rope to a more spacious area where a larger device could be used to pull the rope.

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