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I was borrowing a newer MasterCraft mulching lawnmower and my grass was admittedly long but I was giving the lawnmower breaks and was cleaning out the grass that was sticking underneath.

Everything was going well....I shut the machine off because I had to move the cord to a different plug so I could reach farther areas of the lawn. When I turned the machine back on it wouldn't work. I could hear the motor whirring or humming but the blades definately weren't moving. When the machine is unplugged and you try to move the blades manually they are definately stuck, immovable, ceased. The weird thing is it was working perfectly fine until I shut the machine off for a few minutes. I don't understand. Is there anything I can do to fix my friend's lawnmower? I checked with him and the owner's manual is nowhere to be found.

Thanks for any help.

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Arrow Some Of The Possible Problems

Hello Tracee

Although this is not a funny matter, I must admit, I did get a chuckle reading the words "definately stuck, immovable, ceased." ... I enjoy some humor too!

The fact that you where mowing tall grass and turned off the motor, may not have been the direct cause the problem. It could have but not necessarily.

Althought excessive motor heat buildup can occur, if the intake cooling air vents become clogged up, etc. which would then burn up or fuse together internal parts.

Most likely the motor whinning your hearing is from the starter windings attempting to get the armature rotating fast enough to allow the armature windings to take over and bring the motor speed up to full speed. Make sense?

Just incase, there are two sets of electrical coil windings in some heavy duty motors such as these types. The starter windings start first. They are used to just get the motor starting to spin.

Next, the armature windings take over and bring the motor to full speed. It's possible that these armature windings are burnt out. Therefore, your hearing the starter windings barely spining the motor.

To check this out, the motor wil have to be removed and taken into an electric motor repair shop for testing. If the motor is burned out, it will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Electric motor repair shops are listed in the phone book.

Most recently manufactured mowers, electric and gas use a blade brake which does not allow the blade to turn unless the handle lever is pulled back, if the mower is equipped with one or it may have an internal blade brake which automatically does the same thing.

To verify this, the blade must be removed and the motor removed to inspect the blade break for damage, broken part causing jamming, etc. This is yet another possible reason for the blade to fail to rotate manually.

A stuck or jammed blade brake will be located out of view in between the deck and the motor. This may also cause the motor to fail to start up.

As you can tell by now, there are many possible reasons for the mower to fail to start up. Only thru much inspecting to locate and determine the actual cause may be needed.

All else fails, almost any lawn mower shop that sells, services and repairs this brand of mower can provide the needed service.

Good Luck,
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it until it is broken!"
Bare in mind my company no longer services nor repairs lawn and garden powered equipment. However, the help I can offer you is based upon my prior years in this industry with this type of equipment.

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Wink Thanks for the fast and detailed response!

Wow, what a lot of information! I appreciate your reply Tom and will print it off in the hopes that it will help us determine the problem.

and you're right, if all else fails take it into a shop....

You may have caught one of my rare spelling mistakes ;-) I think I meant to say seized-up rather than ceased but I'm glad I gave you a chuckle.

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