Why is my linear actuator so slow?


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Why is my linear actuator so slow?

I just purchased a 20inch stroke linear actuator. The specifics are the following on the ebay site:
Voltage: DC 12V
Maximum push/pull: Approx. 6000n/6000n
Optional stroke: 200mm, 100mm, 250mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm
No-load speed: Max. 5mm/s
Rated load rate: 5mm/s(600kg)
Environment temperature: -26C to +65C
Standard protection level: IP54
Built-in stroke switch: Yes

My question is, why is it SO SLOW? If it's true 5mm/s, it should only take 1 minute and 40 seconds. However, I just measured it and for five minutes, it only goes 44.45mm. Now, instead of using a 12v battery, I'm using an AC Adapter with output 12.0V --- 2000mA. Does this has anything to do with the speed?

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That is one thing you have to watch out for on Ebay. The specs are not always accurate. It's most likely that the listing is incorrect. The no load and fully loaded speed being the same is a red flag. It could be a different voltage or it could be designed for a much slower travel speed though you only got 8mm/minute which is ridiculously slow.

You could try running it off a 12v battery to see if there is much difference. A fully charged lead acid (car) battery will be about 12.9 volts which should speed it up a bit but it won't be a huge difference.
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could try it on a battery and see what it does may be the adapter.
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Measure the voltage when running it.
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A couple of things you need to consider.
some actuators have a fixed rate of extension up to their rated load.
This is so that when used with other actuators they operate at similar speeds.
The other thing is if you have a modified sine wave power adapter which yours likely is the dirty power could affect the electronics within the actuator.
As said, use a battery or a battery that stays connected to a charger.
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