saws - dust collection


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saws - dust collection

I want to get a large shop vac and hook it up with hoses for my table saw, cutoff saw, and have a hose for general cleanup. I saw some parts online with clamps, shutoffs, Y pieces and hose. It's in my garage (700 f2) that I park the vehicles, but I just want to collect most of the dust when I use them. The connection for the saws is 2 1/8". It will be only abt 6-8' between the vac and the saws.
Can I get away with using 2 1/2" hose gating off the hoses not in use? I cannot find a connector to pressure fit into the 2 1/8 id exhaust ports on the saws. You would think it is something readily available? Am I missing something here? Any advice appreciated.
I did see some dust collection kits online but most were commercial/ industrial.
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I used a shop vacuum for dust collection for a little while. found out I was cleaning out filter almost every time I used it. there are dust separators that people have used with some luck. Am looking for a larger setup like that for my home work shop. Here are some ideas for you
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y, i was looking at some smaller units... wondering if a 1HP unit is enough? and looks like I'll need to go with a 4" hose?
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Even a really big shop vac will be overcome with wood chips quickly, do a searching on Craig's List for some type of duct collector, it will work much better!
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You can look around the plumbing aisle. You may find parts you can use. Also, check where they sell vacs. A lot of times they have adapters that will get you from vac to pipe.

I have used a shop vac with a "dust deputy" for my table saw to catch the sawdust and I can say I HIGHLY recommend it. I kid you not, 99% of the dust goes into the bucket, not the filter. Another handy thing is a footswitch or remote control to turn the fan on and off.

Dust deputy:
Power Tool Remote:!470952775171!


Dust collection parts:

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I had a workshop for 20 years. I had all the stationary tools. When I set up the shop I considered a central vacuum system but then I decided that since I wasn't doing commercial production work I would try just vacuuming with a shop vac after I finished work. That worked pretty good so I never installed a vac system. I never had a problem with my shop vac not being able to handle chips - probably mostly because my shop tools made sawdust not chips. Stuff from my jointer and planer was no problem for the shop vac.
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Although I no longer do much with my saw or wood projects, I also just use my shop vac. I just wedge the intake hose to the saw exhaust and it seems to work well. I clean it out once a year and reuse the old filter. Hose it off and let it dry in the sun.
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