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I've not long been given a lathe called a Benson. It dates back to around 1940 but I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites that might give me some info. about this lathe.

Thanks 808.
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Wow, that's an old one . I buy old tools, but I think the oldest was in the 50's (about 20 years older than

Try going to and see if you can find some information there. I did a quick search for "Benson Lathes" and found nothing .

Sometimes, the company has been bought out. My aunt and uncle just bought a house about the same age as ours (33 years old) and they needed parts for the attic stairs. On the label of the unit was "Kentucky Ladder Company" along with a phone # that was disconnected when they tried to call.

Turns out, I emailed "Louisville Ladder" thinking it was them. Close, but no cigar. They replied and said it was actually their competitor, Werner Ladder, and were nice enough to give me the phone # .

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Thumbs up Lathe...

Thanks Joe F

I have tried doing a search using 100 search engines and had everything possible to do with the name Benson, surnames, family tree programs etc etc. Tried looking for Lathes, Benson Lathes etc etc got lots of lathe manufacturers, second hand lathe suppliers, you name it I found it but nothing, so far, about this lathe !

Thanks anyway. 808
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Don't use 100 different search engines. just use the best one as rated by TechTV:
A search of benson tools listed gandmtools in the UK. Maybe your lathe was made in Europe somewhere. G and M mentions lathes and Benson.
Good luck in your search,
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Thumbs up Found it with Google !

Thanks Fred, typed the words Benson Lathe into instead of .com and found a great site with listings for nearly every lathe ever made and details and pictures about the very lathe I was given. Seems I have the basic model, no screw cutting but will turn metal and wood and as a complete beginner with lathes that'll do me just fine.

Cheers 808
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Thumbs up Google Rules!! :)

I too had good success with it!

I have been looking to find the original owner of my 1979 Pontiac 10th Anniversary Trans Am.

I had the original owner's name from the title, but I couldn't find him, no matter what I did.

Plugged it in google and got a listing for some guy that works for the gov't in MD.

Took a chance, e-mailed him and Bingo! that was the guy!

Have been corresponding with him ever since and he has cool stuff to send me on the car! Wohoo for Google!

Thought I would share that.

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Wink Great Site!

Hi Fred,

Thanks for that search engine!

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Thumbs up Re Google

I must say thanks again to Fred for pointing me in Google's direction, since I last posted here I have found all sorts of info about working with old lathes, suppliers of spare and rare parts and many other areas to do with both wood and metal turning, hints & tips and suppliers within the UK.
Cheers 808

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