Screwdriver Set Recommendations


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Screwdriver Set Recommendations

I've been plagued by the 'replacement' screwdriver set most of my adult life. You go out and buy some cheap or middle of the road china made screwdrivers. Inevitably, half the set ends up lost or buried somewhere and you're left with only the little useless knubby Frodo-like screwdrivers (which I now have a small army of - take THAT Sauron!).

I'm looking for recommendations on a set of screwdrivers that I'll use for the next 50 years. That will laugh at the various ways they're abused - from over torquing screws day-in and day-out to rock chisel to bank safe pry bar. At the same time, I'm looking for good ergonomics and something that fits my hands well (they're rather large just in case any of the ladies that might wondering - ok, well, I wear an XL glove so slightly above average?). Is there a screwdriver set out there that combines the ruggedness to say work on your weekend project tank with the versatility to work on more delicate projects like electronics/electrical outlets?

Thanks for your recommendations and Merry Christmas.
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I don't have a specific recommendation but most any name brand with a lifetime warranty will give you good service. I grew tired of cheap screwdrivers back in the 80s and switched to almost all Craftsman, I think I replaced one of them under warranty. Most are as good as they were when new. Of course these days I'm more apt to use a bit in my screw gun than an actual screwdriver.
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First, expensive screwdrivers get lost at the same rate as cheap screwdrivers. Second, I think the screwdriver tip fit into the screw head is more important than how the grip fits my hand unless your job is turning a screwdriver 8 hours/day. A slotted screw head has vertical sides. Most screwdrivers for slotted screws have a tapered tip, not a good fit. I get screwdrivers with a parallel tip for slotted screws or I grind the tapered tip parallel. I get screwdrivers with interchangeable tips for hex and torque screws with the tips stored in the handle for the convenience. Since the quality of steel used in the manufacturer of the blade is not a published item, you have to go by a name brand and maybe cost to get the better steel. Good luck.
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Hard to go wrong with Greenlee or Klein. But if you have those, I doubt you would want to abuse them.
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First, expensive screwdrivers get lost at the same rate as cheap screwdrivers.
No necessarily so.

Start by spending far more for a set than you can afford. Then, tape the receipt on the wall above your workbench. That will help you avoid loosing them. However, if you have a tendency to bury screwdrivers, I'm not certain anything will help.

Seriously, though, my son-in-law asked for a Tajima 25' tape measurer that cost over $1/foot. I wouldn't get it because I knew a foot is 12" no matter which tape measurer is used.
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All my hand tools are Craftsman, they used to be an excellent homeowner brand, but I haven't bought, or had to replace anything for the past 20 years.

I suspect now that the brand is sold they have simply faded into a cheap brand but someone would have to prove me wrong.
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Cheap or expensive make little difference. It's how you take care of them. Even cheap drivers can last if they are used in the right conditions. When a flat blade driver gets rounded or nicked, it's time to dress it up. Even high quality flat blades get messed up. Grinding a square flat makes all the difference. When the wrong Philips is used the flutes get nicked, throw it out, can't be fixed. Square driver's wear out, nature of the beast. Torx or star drivers need to fit the screw properly. Sometimes American vs metric is hard to determine.
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Ended up getting 3 sets of Klein Tools. I've got their wire stripper and have been very happy with it so decided I'd stick with them for 2 sets of screwdrivers and a set of torx drivers. Thanks for all the advice

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