Why stapler gauge is rarely mentioned?

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Why stapler gauge is rarely mentioned?

When I look at the specification of this cordless stapler, I don't see the gauge of the staple mentioned.

I see T50 mentioned often. What exactly is T50? Is it a specification of some aspect of a staple? Does it specify the gauge?

Should I assume gauge is 16 when it is not mentioned? Why is this very important spec commonly omitted?
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T50 is one standard size of staple, and staple width is the biggest difference. Staples won't interchange in all staplers due to the width of the staple. The gauge of the staple is kind of irrelevant. That particular stapler is compatable with T50 which is all you need to know.

There are many brands of staplers that use T50's. Other common ones are Duofast (wider than T50) and Bostich (standard or Powercrown). They probably created their own size of staple so as to corner the market on replacement staples for their own staplers.

I have never given a thought to the actual gauge of a staple. Office staplers and mini staplers are smallest, manual and a lot of cordless staples are a little bigger, then you have narrow crown staples (3/16"), and sheathing staplers (7/16" and 1/2"). The gauge is kind of irrelevant because you pretty much have only one choice... and its the staple that fits that particular gun. (Example: T50) The length of the staple changes, the gauge of the staple does not.
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T50 is pretty much the common size for heavy duty applications. They come in different lengths from 1/4 to 9/16.

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