Star drill ?

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Any way to sharpen/grind a worn star drill ?
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Hello: ibprice

Star bit isn't a common term for a speciality drill bit that I am familar with. If it's a specality bit with several points or cutting edges and a center point, only a machine can sharpen it correctly.

Attempting to sharpen it on a grinder will do damage and the cutting edges will not be equal. I suggest you have the bit sharpened at a sharpening shop if the bit has value.


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Trent Bridley
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Star drills would be classed as a hand tool. They are made of carbon steel and have 4 flutes that somewhat look like a star.
They come in various sizes ranging from 1/4" to over 1" and larger, and their length usually increases with the diameter. You use a drilling hammer, similar to what most maintenance personnel call a shop hammer and weighs about 2-5 pounds. You simply center the drill on your mark, and strike it with the hammer many times. (Don't forget the safety glasses ) These drills only cost about $4.00 up to around $10 dollars for a 1" drill. A good stone on a grinder and you can pretty well put the drill back into action. It is correct I beleive to start a hole with a star drill and then turn the job over to a power drill.
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I may be telling my age a little here but when I started out the "star drill" was the only thing we had to drill concrete and stone.....Trent has it down as to how it looked and worked... but all you could do was hold it with a gloved hand..strick with a single jack and turn back and forth after each hit took time, worked well and is used today if you have no power or power tools to do the job... this can still buy stare drills new in tool supply stores, every one should try it at least once ....Good Luck...

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