Does This Exist: Bendable Grabber Pole

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Question Does This Exist: Bendable Grabber Pole

Dear Internet:

I don't know if this is the right forum for this question, but what the heck.

Not a flexible pole, but one thatI can change its angle.

Here's the deal:
My apartment is too high to wash its windows. My landlord hasn't hired a crew in a while (and of course the birds show up the next day anyway). So I bought one of those coolio robot window washers, that uses vacuum power to stick to the outside window. (Don't worry, it's tethered). It seems to be great. But you need to be able to place it on the surface. There's the [ahem] rub.

I have one window that is not accessible/doesn't open. But. It's about six feet from the porch. So I thought, "Aha! If I get a grabber pole I can stand on the porch and put it on the window." But. They are not on parallel lines. There is a four-foot wide column obscuring the path.

So a straight pole won't work, it would need (I'm spitballing here) to be probably nine feet long, with a 70-degree bend in it.
I'm sure I could construct something - I'm imagining something like a multi-position flagpole mount in the middle - but that woudn't be a grabber, it would just be like a gaffing stick with a bend.

And if there's something that already exists, so much the better.

My Googling isn't finding exactly what I'm envisioning, but maybe there are other alternatives to accomplish what I need.

Thanks for your careful consideration!
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I don't know of anything off the shelf that comes with a 4' bend in it. I use a standard, straight fiberglass extension pole/handle. They are often sold in the painting department of big box home centers. It has a male threaded fitting on the end and you can screw on paint roller holders, squeegees and brushes... They are available in different lengths. Maybe you get one long enough to work from below so you avoid the column.

There are also building wash cleaning solutions. You spray the cleaner on then hose it off or use a pressure washer. Rinse thoroughly so you don't leave a rainbow soap residue on the glass.
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Could you lean out a nearby window and grab the scrubber, then place it against the obscured window?

I used pole clippers & a pole saw for years doing treework, so you CAN pickup & release tools with a lanyard based pole pruner

Another possible hack is install the sawblade upside down, with the saw teeth facing up, pointing 70 sideways. Then slide a 4' section of somewhat flexible black vinyl pipe over the sawblade to create the angled extension.
You might be able to push a loop of the lanyard through the pipe, giving you a 'grabber loop' like you see animal control officers use. Depending on the shape of the scrubber, you might need to tie on a tennis-ball in a sock to give you something to grab with the control loop.
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If I'm understanding right, you're suggesting something like that to lower it onto the window and lift it off from above?
(If that's not the case, I'm not following your recommendation.)
I only have horizontal access, from one side, "around the bend".

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