Cutting rebar / angle grinder questions

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Cutting rebar / angle grinder questions

I never used or really knew of an angle grinder till yesterday. Needed to cut and bunch of 1/2" rebar and a website mentioned that tool.

In the past, I'd use a hack saw or when at the store, borrow a bolt cutter from the rental department and cut the rebar in the store ; )

Got a dewalt angle grinder and some of the lower cost / thin disks to go with it (5/8" arbor).

I think I counted about 20 seconds to make each cut. Nice!

The disk showed minimal wear (I didn't measure a diameter change, just noting that the printing on the disk was still legible.).

Some questions:

For infrequent use, can I use a drill with some sort of adapter to go in the chuck to hold the disk? Lower RPMs, I realize.

A website said a drill isn't made for sideway pressure like that, but I don't really need another tool for the few times I cut rebar.

What other things do you use an angle grinder for? I'm 62 and been fixing things / pretty handy my whole life... but just recently got an oscillating saw (the little one with the blade going side to side... I've had a sawzall for years).. Didn't really know about that little tool but been using that sometimes that I'd use a jigsaw

At harbor freight today, they had air powered angle grinders.

Those used much smaller arbor diameters. and disks were smaller.

Any recommendations on disk diameter? arbor diameter? for a LOW cost angle grinder? And would that change if you'd say using a drill would be good for the few times I need it?

Have a great long weekend!!
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A drill doesn't have RPM for cutting discs or grinding wheels. If the DeWalt you mentioned is yours, that is a good angle grinder that will last you a lifetime. What is it's status?
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They have 4-1/2" grinders at Harbor Freight starting at $15. Can't get much lower cost than that.
They even have a decent Bauer grinder at $35.
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30 yrs ago I bought a $15 HF 4" grinder that worked well for 25 yrs. I replaced it with another one [$20] I also bought a B&D one from them back in the early 80s and it is still going strong. I like having 2 so one can have a grinding wheel and the other a wire cup.

I would expect a pneumatic grinder to require a lot of CFM.

In case you didn't know - you only need to cut halfway thru the rebar and then they will easily break in half.
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Applications for your angle grinder
- Use a 1/4” disc to grind metal down to shiny (handy for welding)
- Use a cup brush or wire wheel to remove paint
- You’ve already used a slitting disc
- Use with a flap disc

Just today i replaced a muffler and used angle grinders to remove rusted nuts and to slit the hangers. Your tool world just got bigger!
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marksr - yes, cut most way through and snap : )

again, being 62 and making it this far without one of these, I don't want to spend a lot. I'll pop for the Harbor $15 one.

I've used

on a drill with fair results. a grinder version would get things done faster?

I made about 35 cuts all the way through 1/2" rebar. the 4 1/2" cut off disk for $2.50? i used likely got down to about 2" diameter. They are consumables : ) ?? Yeah, cutting 1/2 way through and snapping would get more life out of them...

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You linked a wire brush set. Make sure you pay attention to the RPM's. The wire brushes are rated for a max speed of 4'500 rpm but angle grinders run over 10'000. So, make sure you buy wire brushes intended for use on angle grinders.

Yes, the cutting disc is a consumable and periodically needs replacing.

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