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I am having trouble removing the blade from my Delta chop saw. Is it a right or left handed thread bolt?
Even when I push in the shaft lock and try with all my might it seems like it's getting tighter? The lock has now slipped a time or two on the shaft and now the lock does not work as well.

Any ideas?
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An option might be to e-mail Delta and ask. Does the owner's manual cover replacing the blade?

I would go to their website and see if they have free downloads of instruction manuals. Many companies I have dealt with recently (Simpson Meters for one) had their stuff right on their website.

Most times if you call the 800 # on the saw, the folks there are very happy to help you out.
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Delta....Black and Decker table saw or chop saw stop the blade from turning in the direction of the cutting teeth with a block of wood and remove the nut by cutting into the wood the blade turns to cut the wood.....the nut will tighten as the saw is cutting a safty thing so the blade will not come off.....Good Luck
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So does that make it a right or left handed thread?
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Hello WA JOE...again
That would be a left hand thread tighten the nut/bolt....turn left to remove....sorry for not having said that earlyer......right hand = clock wise.....left hand = counter clock wise....Good luck

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