What the heck is this tool for?


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Im in the middle of a project scraping old paint off of door and window trim. Its been difficult getting the old cracked/chipped paint off because of the curves and grooves of the molding. Ive been using a putty knife and wire brush. Today at the store I saw a neat looking tool next to the paint scrapers and putty knifes " Red Devil Professional Zip-a-way 6 in 1 " It looks like a putty knife but the blade part has a notch in it and has a point at one end. Obviously its some kind of paint/caulk tool but can someone tell me how to use this tool and what the "6 in 1" features are???
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What Is This?

check out Red Devil web at http://www.reddevil.com. They have product info plus link for direct contact. It is amazing that a company can put out a product and you can't tell the purpose from the packaging. Perhaps a e-mail to them would end up in the advertising dept and do some good! Good Luck!
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A scraper and a grout "hook" are probably two of the functions.

A third is a putty knife.

As mentioned the other three would be interesting to know
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I recently purchased the Craftsman version of the 6-in-1 tool. It's main purpose is as a scraper but has been crafted for specific applications. The handiest to me so far is the curved portion (on the side) used to unload paint rollers. Scrape this thing down your paint roller a couple of times after you done painting and cleaning your roller will take half as long. It is a very good heavy duty scraper, I would however, recommend you not use it as a nail set. The one time I used it to set a nail (I used the pointy end of the wide scraper blade) I bent my nice sharp tip (which up to that moment was very handy at getting into tight corners). I had to file it flat again and it's not quite the same. It has become my most used scraper I own (not that I have this huge scraper collection or an abnormal fixation with scrapers) and would recommend it to anyone doing renovations.
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yep, fits a roller perfect. That was the thing that threw me the most, what the heck the curved part was for. thanks for the info!
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