Sears spray can doesn't siphon paint


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I have a Sears #915515 general purpose paint can that I used for interior latex applications years ago and it worked fine. I tried to use it recently and cleaned out the handle/fluid tips/air tip, etc. and run it at recommended PSI of 40.

Problem is I can't get it to siphon paint out of the can. I'm using drywall primer (same consistency as medium-bodied latex) and when I pull the trigger, it sounds like air is being blown OUT the tube inside the can (like when your kid blows thru his straw in a glass) instead of drawing fluid in. The tiny vent hole on the top of the can is allowing air to escape, which I think is normal to allow siphoning.

I even tried to operate the spray can at 50 PSI and no luck. The tube inside the can is clear, so that does not appear to be the problem, and air is flowing freely out the tip, just no paint.

Any prompt replies would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
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Get the full model # off of it, and go on the Sears website, called Parts direct. and then "parts".

I'll bet there's some sort of O-ring or internal seal that may have dried out and needs replacing. Their website would list the parts that they service for this.

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Unscrew the end of sprayer where paint and air should come out. Make sure the passages are clear. Some are very tiny, you might need a needle to unclog it. Something is forcing the spray air into the can instead of out the end. Usually a clog or improperly installed tip will cause this.

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