Circular saw blades


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Can a circular saw blade be sharpened by a dyi amateur (me)?
What tools would I need and what is the process?
If you think it's too big a job for a 'weekend warrior', I won't be offended
Thank You
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Hello Howie

To answer your question directly, I highly doubt you'll be able to accurately duplicate the angles found on any circular saw blade sharpening it by hand.

To explain briefly why, it takes special machinery and specialized metal grinding wheels of varying sizes to duplicate the existing angles found on the blades.

Example: Clean a steel circular saw blade. Then look at it very closely. There can be several angles found on each blade tooth. Combo blades often have 3 angles plus set.
{Set is the alternate bend on each tooth.}

To correctly and accurately sharpen a steel circular saw blade it takes several different steps. Each having some preset angle to duplicate. Not a easy task to accomplish without special machinery, training, practice and skill.

For the casual do-it-yourself person, woodworker, contractor, handyperson and small shop owners, etc, having a sharpening service perform the sharpening service is money well spent.

Many sharpening shops exist in almost every city and town. The listings can be found in any phone book. I suggest to you and anyone else reading this posting, to patronize the local ahop. My colleagues in the industry will appreciate your business...

Good Luck.
Accurate Power Equipment Company.
Complete Saw and Tool Sharpening Service.

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except your mind and your wits."
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Hi Tom

Have to admit that I suspected as much, but it was worth a try
Thank you for your response - now it's off to 'let the fingers do the walking thru the yellow pages' to find my local shop

Thanks again


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