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OK let's try this again. I would like to know what type of ground that electricians are using in an all PVC house. No water pipe to ground to. I use a 7 to 8 foot long copper rod 1/2 inch in dia. and a 4 ga. wire, hard drawn where I can to run from my equipment to the ground stake. Also is the length of the run critical? Is this wire size over kill? Had this question more or less asked on my forum so thought I better check my answer. Thanks all...

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Hi. I'm new to this board. I saw a bit set on TV that is supposed to work on any type of screw head - Philips, flathead, even stripped heads. I think it was from Craftsman but I can't find it on their site. Does anyone know the name of it?

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I think I saw it too, but I wouldn't waste my money.
If you've got a cordless drill, you only need a few $1 driver bits: slotted(small and large), phillips(s & l), and maybe a #2 square drive(great for outdoor and most woodworking projects - they are almost impossible to strip.)
Some have a diff driver on each end.

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Wink thanks, but I'm still interested...

My boyfriend and I saw this product on tv, and he was interested in it, so I was thinking of getting it for him for Christmas. He goes apenuts over this sort of thing, so I still need to find it.
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Check Sears website or their tool catalog:


That's the best way. However, I agree with Fred. I wouldn't use a metric socket to tighten the bolts on my Pontiac's standard bolts and vice versa . There's a tool for every job and it's not a universal one. Lol.

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I should start off with the fact that I agree with Fewalt, and Joe_F.

I believe the product you are talking about is called GATORGRIP. I do not think Craftsman makes such a product.

Try this site to see if this is what you were think about.



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