Cordless Framing Nailer


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Cordless Framing Nailer

Anyone happy with them for framing?

Can one shoot fairly rapidly?

How much time does it take to be ready to fire another nail?


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My cousin has one, and they can fire quite steadily. I believe the chamber refills with gas as soon as the fire sequence is completed. I have read that some users have been a bit unsatisfied, but I can't attest.
If you've got a compressor already, I'd opt for the air variety.
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If you are going to do much framing use an air nailer. The gas nailers were really made for places hard to get at with a hole, up high stuff etc. If you use it all the time you will go broke buying gas canisters.
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The Paslode units are nice. They will not rapid fire (you must pull the trigger after setting the gun in place) but recover as quick as you can pull the trigger. I would recommend them over an air nailer for the occasional user.

We use them, as the man says, where being attached to a hose is inconvenient, like up a ladder, setting trusses, etc. But when laying out walls on the deck, nothing but air nailers, muuuuuuch faster with the rapid fire capability.

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