circular saw blade won't cut


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circular saw blade won't cut

I just got my first circular saw a week or two ago and used it to cut up some plywood from my floor. It seemed to cut alright at first, and then I went through a double layer of vinyl a few times, maybe 10 feet total and it seemed like there was something melted on the blade. Just a slight residue, but it seemed to get harder to cut. And then, it started to burn the edges of the wood. I quit using it on the plywood and cleaned the blade with some organic solvent. I then tried cutting some stud-grade 2x4's and the blade spins fine on its own, but once it gets into the wood, it stops turning. The blade edges still seem sharp, but it basically cuts nothing now.

It's a 12hp Skil saw with a standard 40 tooth blade. Should I just replace the blade and try again, or could it be something wrong with the saw?

thanks from a newbie,
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You probably have a buildup of vinyl on the sides of the blade. Easiest solution is to spray some WD-40 on both sides of the blade. If that does not work, replace the blade.

I doubt you have a 12 hp hand saw, probably a 1/2 HP.
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Sure sounds like a build-up on your blade. Especially if it starts to cut then binds and stops cutting. Some hardware stores, maybe HD or Lowes, carry a spray pitch remover solvent which might help clean the blade. Your saw may have come with a standard blade as opposed to a good carbide tipped blade. You may want to consider a carbide blade in the future, they can be resharpened many times. They are still suscetible to pitch and rosin build-up also.

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