Cabinet scraper.


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Question Cabinet scraper.


I have read my book on sharpening cabinet scrapers and the first time I did it, it shaved wood wonderfully. After that first time, I have hit and miss luck with it. Actually, I seem to be getting worse. I have lost that edge and can't seem to quite get it back.

How hard/soft should I drag my burnisher across the edge? How many passes?

How do I know when I need to square up the cabinet scraper edge again with the file?

How many times can I scrap, then burnish before I have to square up the edge?

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Hello Lugnut and Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

The most likely reason your currently having difficulties sharpening the cabinet scrapers blade is over-confidence.

Doing something the first time usually gets the task, job and or project completed correctly. Repeated procedures and attempts often become too easy and build confidence which causes problems.

This scenario happens to all skilled professionals from time to time. Therefore, it is NOT a poor reflection on your abilities to accurately and properly sharpen the blade.

The worse case scenario of over confidence is an accident while using any type of power equipment. Which is not the case here and hope it never is the case.

Attempt to resharpen the same blade as though you have never done it before and determine the end results. Chances are good the task will once again be done correctly.

Edges need to be squared after each sharpening. Since I do not sharpen very much by hand, the machinery does much of the work. But I still perform all the needed steps and tasks on all blades all the time.

By performing all the steps to accurately sharpen every tool and blade I get in for sharpening, creates happier first time customers and makes them repeat customers whom are willing to pay me almost outrageous prices....

Regards and Good Luck. Sharpening Forum Moderator
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Thanks Tom,

I will heed your advice !

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I find these very difficult to sharpen properly. sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. Here's what I do.

Each time it needs sharpening, start as though its the first time - don't skip any steps - regardless of what you may read in the mags.

The edge needs to be filed flat and dead square to the sides. after this step, remove any burrs with a stone - but do not round the edge.

Lay the scraper flat on a bench and run the burnisher along the edge tilted a few degrees above horizontal to "draw" the burr out. do this for all four edges.

Place the scraper in the upright position in a vice and now take a couple of passes with the burnisher tilted a few degrees from horizontal to roll the burr out.

The problem I have is how much pressure to apply - I've been told from hard to damn hard.

(Note, the burnisher makes a difference - it needs to be harder than the steel in the scraper. Chisels and screwdriver shanks may or may not be. I use a 1/2 inch dia dowel pin - very hard)

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