Autographs will be signed starting :)


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Talking Autographs will be signed starting :)

For those of you that get the Craftsman Club (Sears) newsletters, you might want to look on the page with the tool storage units.

You might see a familiar face there with a Sears project . (Hint )
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It's always a great accomplishment to be recognized........
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Thanks Steve.

I have another tool box restoration project to send them. They said, "If it's like the last one, yup send it along"
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Hi Joe,
Zipped real quick through the Sears flyer and all I saw was Bob V. and A.J. Foyt. Looked a second time, then I found you.
Fifty bucks!! Great find, and I'm sure it took alot of work.
Now it's worth a thousand, or even more to you.
well done,
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Thanks Fred......At least I'm pictured with a few

It was a lot of work, but well worth it. The quality of this box is unsurpassed today. It is so heavy and thick and well made. The bottom cabinets have roller the cabinets in your house. Most are compound slides.

Everything is thick and heavy and well made on this thing. That's why I bought it. That's how they did things in 1960. Wouldn't know. It predates me by 11 years .

The guy at the Craftsman Club said when he called me, "We're sitting here going wow at the photos of the old and new....and all the research and work you did. You said you had parts made (machinist friend at work), bought parts (Waterloo Industries, such as the tray you see in the top) and cleaned repaired others (the rest of the cabinet)."

I showed the picture to the guy that sold it to me and he said "Wow!!!".

Not long thereafter, I found a six drawer Craftsman unit that someone threw out while I was out for a walk. I tailed home, got my 84 Olds Delta 88 with the cavernous trunk and hauled home another find. A weekend later, I restored and documented (I have all the old Sears catalog ads for my get them from hold Sears' archives) this "new" one. Turns out it is from 1968.

It was a fun project and I plan to submit the 1968 box project to them as well. I also plan to go to the local store with the newsletter to show the management people.


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