Rusted bed on Jet Table Saw


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Rusted bed on Jet Table Saw

A friend gave me a contractor Jet table saw that has a rusted bed(?). What is the best way to remove the rust without damaging the bed and what is the best way to potect the bed for the future. I have never owned a table saw but it sure looks easier to make straight cuts than a circular saw.


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You may want to try one of those naval jelly rust removers, but I prefer a green scotch brite pad. I cut if round to fit my ranom orbit sander.
Most sources say to use a good paste wax to help protect the steel saw beds . I use Mother's carnauba. For long storage periods when it won't be used you can coat it with grease, it probably came that way from the mfg.
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...just another thought

if by bed you mean the cast iron top you may want to check the flatness before you put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning the rust. If it needs machining that would take care of the rust too.
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Thanks for the replies. It is the cast iron top and I will try a little elbow grease and see what kind of results I get.

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I use a scotchbrite pad in my pad sander and chrome polish to clean mine. Cuts down on the elbow grease required.

You could send the saw to me, Rob, and I could clean it up and get it back to you in, oh, say 10 years or so? LOL
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i agree on the scotch brite under a palm or random orbit sander
you may even need to start with 150 or 220 grit sandpaper.

i personally hate naval jelly
the smell makes me feel ill
but it does work well

once you have a shiny clean metal surface you can use clear shoe polish on it
rub it on, wait overnight, buff if with a soft rag
makes for a very slick surface
johnson's floor wax is good too

if they have any other Jet tools to get rid of...
i'll empty my truck and be right up there


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