sharpening router bits


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sharpening router bits

Is it possible to sharpen carbide router bits in the home shop?
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Hello Dave Allen and Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Unfortunately no. Router bits are highly specialized cutting tools. The bits, whether carbide or steel, etc. require a highly specialized machine and a special size diamond edged wheel. Router bits also have several angles not visable to the eye.

It's worth the costs to pay for professional sharpening. Most carbide and or steel bits can be resharpened up to about 5x's, if not overly wornout or damaged.

Sharpening costs vary, but steel bits may cost 2-3 bucks each while carbide slightly higher. Unless they are done at my place. Here we charge dearly........time is $$$$ and bits do take time to be setup in the machine and resharpened correctly....

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