How to remove punch screws??


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How to remove punch screws??

I am trying to take a Radio Flyer wagon apart to ship and, and the wheels are put on the axles with punch screws. Is there a way to take these off without damaging the wheels?

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What is a "punch screw"? Anything screwed in normally should screw out.
I'm not familiar with Radio Flyer wheels.
Are you talking about a drift pin (a hollow metal tube pin with a split down the side that is tapped through a hole in a shaft, holding itself in place by expansion)?
If so, these can be tapped out with a straight punch of the same or slightly smaller size.
OR, is it a cotter pin that is inserted thorugh a hole in the shaft, and has its ends bent outward to hold it in place?
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I'm guessing here that what are referred to as "punch screws" are the plastic caps that hold the wheels on the axels. Inside these are pieces of metal that "grab" the axel. to put them on, you place them on the end of the axel squarely and hit them with a hammer. Getting them off without damage is another matter. usually, they are damaged beyond usefullness - but you can try getting a good grip on the wheel and pulling. The caps should come off. I've seen replacements in places like HD.

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