Wet Saw Recommendations

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Question Wet Saw Recommendations

I was wondering if I can get a recommendation on an inexpensive (cheaper than two to three day rental costs) wet saw. My project calls for installation of approximately 600 sq ft of tile. 450 of these are 13 x 13 porcelain tile and the rest 8 x 8 glazed ceramic. A reasonably priced source, if known, will be greatly appreciated as well.
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i'm sure it's more than the rental costs, but i own the mk-370 (http://www.mkdiamond.com), and i really like that one (about $300). the reason i like it is because the blade is above the tile and stationary, with the sliding table -- i think the cut turns out MUCH better with that setup.

but, if you're looking for something less expensive, check out lowe's or the depot . . . they've got several for roughly $100. they're basically set up like a table saw, and they work pretty well. i own one from lowe's (i think!), and i think it's just called "the tile machine" or something (blue, metal-looking box), and it's not bad, for what it is.
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I'm a tile setter by trade and although I've never used this saw a tile setter buddy of mine bought a Brickolina saw (sp?). It's a small table saw type and the water trough sits under the blade. He says it works good for him but the fence for cutting a bunch of tile the same size wasn't too good. It's more of a free hand kinda deal I guess. I think he paid about $125 US for it.

Personally I have a Jepson 4" circular saw with an MK continuous rim blade on it that I've owned for over 10 years and it's the best investment I've ever made on any tool in my life. The thing just won't die and in it's lifetime it's literally cut lineal miles of tile. I think it cost me $170 Canadian including blade. I'm sure they'll be more bucks now but I sure love my baby skill saw.

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