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general sharpening

I am pleased to find this forum. I have a feeling I may need it a lot at times. I am a bit of a home handy-man and as is usually the case I can be hard on bits, knives, chisels, and basicaly anything that cuts. I also am a knife collector and know the importance of careful sharpening. I have a bench grinder that I will set up when I have my workshop finished. Do you have any tips related to set up that would help me use this to its full potential i.e. grits, lubricants, jigs, aftermarket add-ons, etc.?
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Hello Andy Brown and Welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Depending upon what tools you will be sharpening, how often the tools need to be sharpened and how much money your willing to invest in sharpening machinery determines what machinery and supplies to buy.

I refer to the homeowner and handyperson with a non commerical work shop, as a casual user of tools. That being the case, there are several reasonably priced machines available.

Most often needed and used machines to have, in my opinion, would be a belt sander, grinder with a wire wheel and drill bit sharpener. Included in this assortment of machinery may be a white wheel wet machine for knife sharpening, honing etc.

An assortment of belts, grinding wheels in several grits is required. An assortment of wire wheels should be considered.

Drill bits made of steel or iron are about the only bits that can be reasonably well sharpened with non commerical equipment.

Most hand tools and some power tools, like spade bits etc, with flat edges can be hand sharpened with reasonably good results on belt sanders with fine to medium grit belts and practice.

Commerical and Industrial machinery is required to sharpen carbide, titanium, cobalt and spiral cutting tools. In this case, it is not cost effective to purchase the specialized machinery.

It is however, highly cost effective for the casual user and highly profitable for the sharpening shop owners to have all specialized tools professionally sharpened...

Check the ARCHIVES, within this forum topic, for other sharpening questions and the replies offered on an assortment of tools.

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