The unknown Craftsman Ratchet

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Smile The unknown Craftsman Ratchet

Hello All, I am new here and happy to have found a new home with other who love tools.
I need your help. I have 3 Craftsman ratchets !/2', 3/8" and 1/4" drive. What year or years was this modle in production?Sounds easy does'nt it? LOL Heres the catch no one at Sears has ever seen these and can not find their product number in their computers (we always knew we were smarter than machines). I even called the Sears Hotline and The Craftsman Hotline with no luck. They are product numbers 43797, 43796, and 43795 I have attached a photo of them. If you have any Idea of when they were sold and for how much I would love to hear from you.
Until then keep dreaming of that next tool.
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If I remember correctly they are the round head type with a long handle and are pretty highly polished, right?

They have hand spinners, right?

I think I have those same three in my Craftsman set. I bought it in 1990.

Sears doesn't offer this any longer, they have something similar.

You might contact Danaher as they make the Craftsman hand tools.

If I remember this evening, I'll look at my set and see if they have those numbers.

Yes, I collect old Sears/Craftsman stuff too. I was featured in the March 2002 Craftsman newsletter with my mechanic's toolbox from 1960 that I restored
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those peskie ratchets

Yes Joe , they are very polished round head rachets, they have 5 bands and metal hand spinners. I to have a set from about 1991 with a round head but these are diffrent. Please look at yours and tell me if the numbers match.
Thank you so much and stay happy in the great tool hunt
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I'm pretty sure they are the same thing. They say "9" (that's the Sears department for hardware/tools) and then have the number stamped in the underside of the units.

I'll try to remember to have a look. My neighbor lost his 3/8" drive one and subsequently tried to get a replacement. Sears told him "no go" as well.

Home Depot sells Husky, which is made by StanleyWorks and is of a similar design and shape.

Many times (like my case) they have to fit in a blow molded case and the replacements that you get are not going to fit!

I'll look if I have a chance and let you know if mine have the same #.

Another thing you can do: Contact the History Factory. They hold Sears archive information. Give them the model # and the approximate year you think they are (1990, 1991). They will send you copies of the catalog pages.

I have done this for numerous Sears items I have found, restored or was given. It was very key when I was restoring my two tool cabinets (the 1960 one mentioned above, and a 1968 6 drawer chest that someone threw out that I restored ). I in turn contacted Waterloo Industries who makes the Sears boxes (my goal is to always find their original source and deal with them) to get parts.

The History Factory can be found at

E-mail them and they should be able to help. I believe the lady I spoke to there was Leslie Loving. I don't know if she is still involved with the Sears' account or not.

Good luck and I'll look for you if I remember.
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Had the same problem with the ratchets you speak of and another very rare set. They were stainless steel and had very thin heads on them.. I love them and wish I could have them repaired. I still use the 1/2" on a regular basis...
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We have an answer for sure... The Craftsman ratchet 9-43797 was originally sold in 1993. Both the 9-43796 and the 9-43795 were originally sold in 1994. I was able to find this info through your wonderful leads and a reply from
Chad Sailsbury
Sears Customer Care just thought I'd include his address for any of you who might need some historical help too

Thank you so much for all of your help and remember to keep on tool'n
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Thumbs up

Good job. I usually do my own research through the History Factory, but that works too .
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Outback, does that mean that you can have them repaired? Any info you could give me about getting parts and/or getting them fixed would be appreciated.

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Smile The now-known Craftsman ratchets!

Hi All,

I recognize this thread is now more than 4 years old, but I can provide more details regarding these 3 Craftsman ratchets...

Firstly, outback, I can state with absolute certainty that all 3 of those models were available well before 1993 & 1994. Mine came included in a huge mechanic's set I purchased at a Sears in some suburb of Detroit in 1987 or 1988 at the latest.

All the wrenches, sockets, extensions, speeder handles, etc. in the set were clearly marked "USA" with the exception of these ratchets, and I always wondered about that omission. I was living in London, Ontario at the time and had made the trek to MI to purchase my tools at a US Sears store specifically to obtain US-made tools. (The Canadian Sears stores sell Craftsman tools that ARE NOT made in the States, you see...)

All the tools with the exception of the ratchets were also marked with either an "E" or "EE". I have since learned that those tools were manufactured by Easco shortly prior to their acquisition by Danaher Group. This is not a surprise, since Craftsman mechanics tools have long been made by Moore Drop Forgings/Easco/Danaher in a contract dating back to 1938.

As it turns out, though, the ratchets were made by National Hand Tool (NHT) of Dallas, TX either just before or just after they were acquired by Stanley in the mid-1980s in the brief period when Stanley was a supplier of Craftsman ratchets.

NHT made VERY similar ratchets for the Stanley Workmaster, Blackhawk, Challenger, and Husky labels too. In fact, Stanley still makes the identical ratchet under their Blackhawk™ by Proto® brand to this day! Check out:

For more information on this, see the comments by the very-well-informed John Garner on this forum:


Hope this helps!

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I have the steel set that I'm holding on too.
43764, 43765, 43766
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Thumbs up One Great Ratchet

I was working for United AirLines in 1986 and I believe around 87-88 I purchased the 1/4" ratchet... I still own it and used it relentlessly and all that went wrong once was the snap-ring broke but was mostly my fault... I own an enormous amount of Snap-On tools and feel this ratchet is still the best out there.
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Thumbs up update for what it's worth

My 1/4" _"CRAFTSMAN" ratchet has the rubber insert on top and bottom with it stated on top, "CRAFTSMAN" and on bottom PAT. 7 U.S.A. 43761..... Just a note: "Stainless" is stamped on the top neck of the ratchet. RUBBER IS ONLY IN THE HANDLE AREA

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