8" bench grinder attachment


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8" bench grinder attachment

i've got an 8" bench grinder from harbor freight -- it was my 1st grinder purchase, so i went for inexpensive. actually, it's a nice grinder, but i want to get a NICE attachment for sharpening lathe chisels, etc. any recommendations for a nice sharpening attachment that will fit this grinder?? also, it's got course and medium stones, and i'm wondering if i should get a fine one for tool sharpening?? thanks in advance for any help!!
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Hello arthropod98 and Welcome to my Sharpening forum.

Chisels are best sharpened on dry or wet white wheel stones. The machine I use has a flat rotating {like a record} dry fine grit white stone. After the sharpening is completed, the cutting edge is honed by hand to remove any tiny burrs etc.

The table top {work area} attached to the machine has several attachments made for the machine and has a various assortment of tool types that attach to it. The table top attached to the machine also tilts to match the angle of the tool.

For the non commerical sharpener, a grinder can be used if an attachment can be located. All sharpening done on the grinder has to be done carefully since the machine is not made or designed to be a sharpening machine.

Many types and sizes of common chisels can be sharpened on a belt sander and done without attachments. The sharpener must have a steady hand, a good eye for straight edges and smooth hand movements. Can be and often is done exactly this way.

Not sure if the retail source you mentioned has this type of tool sharpening machine. Check the phone book for tool retail dealers. Their machinery suppliers should have several choices of specialty sharpening machines for the tools you intend to sharpen.

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thanks, tom!!!

do you mind telling me which sharpening tool you use?? i've been checking out delta's sharpening center, and i've been seeing good and bad reviews -- any thoughts on that particular one??


Moderators Note:
Since I only use commerical sharpening machines, I am not aware of what may be available for the non commerical useage. Therefore, in order to assist you further, I have moved your topic into the tools forum. The professionals in the tool forum will be better able to reply on your second question.


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