Tradesman Scroll Saw


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Tradesman Scroll Saw

Hi, I have a Tradesman Scroll saw and for the life of me I can't figure out how the blade is supposed to stay in. It is a 16" saw. I'll try and describe the gadgets where the blade is supposed to fit. At the top of the saw there is a place piece of metal that has something that looks like a clamp on top of it. You can turn the clamp and it goes up or down. Below that is a silver thing that looks like the foot on a sewing machine. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Is there some trick to getting the blade to stay in there somewhere? I sure would appreciate any help you folks would be kind enough to give. Thanks, Barbara
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In the above question I meant to say a black piece of metal that sticks out from the saw--getting late!!!!
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is there any type of slot on the "sewing machine foot"-thing?? it should be straight up and down and may have a small grove on the top running perpendicular to the slot.

i've got a ryobi, and the blade has a small pin running through the top, and that rests on this small grove, inside the slot.

i would imagine you would loosen this clamp enough to get a blade (with pins on top and bottom) in, then tighten it.

not sure if that helps or not, but good luck!!!
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Thanks for such a quick reply. There is a slot on the bottom part of the "foot" but there is no opening in the bottom of the clamp like thing. It looks like its purpose is just to raise that "foot" up and down. Really strange. I guess I'll just have to take it to Sears and see if they can figure it out. Thanks for trying though. Barbara
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Is it a TRADESMAN brand or a CRAFTSMAN brand ?

I don't think Tradesman is Sears...if it is, it's a cheap line. Craftsman is their premium line.
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Does it look like this?


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it sounds like you have a pin end saw but have pinless blades.
if that is the case you need to get some new blades.
the pin end blades fit into a groove in the upper and lower part of saw then you need to tighten the knob on the rear of the saw to hold them in. if you have a pinless saw then i really cant help as i have never used one personally , i have seen them but that doesnt really help much.
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My saw looks a lot like yours. I think you might be right about the blade. I'm going to buy a different kind of blade and see if that is the solution. Thanks so much, Barbara

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