Smooth Operations


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Smooth Operations

I am pondering the next cash layout towards the generation of shavings and sawdust.

I would like to be able to true up stock and understand that a jointer and a thickness planer are important to this.

However, I'll not be getting the double play, so the first question is which comes first?

On the jointer side, I anticipate staying in the benchtop range (i.e. under $300). Same for the planer. Ideally, the second of these purchases might be sufficiently down the road to allow for more outlay (floor model for more $$). So which of these two tools will not short-change me at the low end?

Also, I have a tablesaw and router, which are often lauded as being able to serve in these capacities, in a pinch. To the extent that will make the decision easier, FYI.

Finally, what do people use the hand power planers for exactly? Can they be a suitable substitute in any capacity??

Thanks for you help.

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Last thing first: portable hand power planers are good for making a door smaller - that's about it.

For trueing up stock the tablesaw and jointer are the primary tools. A jointer is great for joining boards for making tables, etc. - along with a biscuit joiner.

The planer will not true up stock, per se, only reduce the thickness. So if you buy finished boards they are usually planed on both sides already. My planer is used mainly for rough cut walnut I have access to. Your decision on which tool to purchase should be determined by what you plan on constructing. Planing can be done with a router and jig, but it' not easy.

You can get a good planer in the $250-300 range. Both the Delta and Dewalt are good ones. A decent jointer,with longer bed, will cost at least $450 or more.

I hope this helps some,

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