palm nailer


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palm nailer

just curious if anyone owns or has tried one of these palm nailers?? i keep seeing them, and i'm just VERY curious to find out how well they work . . . thanks!
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There is another "palm nailer" question posted, but if you can't locate it, I can tell you...

Pressure applied (with the palm), when the device is placed over the head of a nail, causes the air pressure to be released, and this drives a small internal sliding "hammer" to strike the nail. The impact and slight recoil cause the internal valve to reset, and your continual palm pressure causes a repeat of this action...until you stop pressing or the nailhead can no longer be driven.
The better kits include interchangeable parts for finished nails and also have a mock hammer face that can be used...

They are good for close quarters, but you can't beat a regular nail-gun for speed and neatness.
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It's been a while since this was posted, but since I bought one of these (Senco) about a month ago, I thought I'd chime in.

In a word, I LOVE IT! I'm in the process of putting in a deck, and talk about your "close quarters" (!). Trying to nail in the innumerable joist hangers, fasteners, etc., there are hardly any quarters that arent close. However, I also found myself using it on some of the regular nailing to save my wrist and elbow. If I'd known this I would have gotten one years ago. It's had no problem with any nail up to and including 16d. It's light, maybe a couple of pounds tops. I've never used a nail gun, although I plan to get a finish nailer eventually, but every one I've ever picked up just made me wince at the weight. My palm nailer saved my a** again the other day when I had to put a 2x up in the attic to provide a nailer for ceiling drywall in a closet. One end of the piece had to go right under the rafters on top of the plate. Needless to say there was no room to swing a hammer, and not really any room for a drill either. Took about a minute with the palm nailer.
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