air compressor information


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Troy ochoa
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air compressor information

Is this a "do it yourself" web site or just another buyit before you tryit comon site tryin to "make a buck???" I've been setting here for AT LEAST four hours trying to figure out how or where to find some information on compressors. Can someone tell me, or e-mail me, or download me an ANSWER to this question? Where can i find a diagram or manual or something, about Air Compressor wiring, line routing do's & dont's, how too kinda stuff for building a compressor? I'm looking for answers, and all I'm finding are places to buy stuff, or leave a message and maybe we'll get back to ya CRAP. I,m not going to buying anything, I JUST WANT SOME INFORMATION!!! Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations, im just SO SICK of all the "get rich quick" schemes today.
Thank you,
Fed up
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We're the guys you're looking for. Just a group of doityourselfers asking questions, and answering the ones we can. We don't allow people to sell things on the forums. Ask the pros in this forum what you want to know. Chances are, you'll get some very good advice.

---another guy who's sick of the get-rich-quick, offa my money schemes. ......cheese
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I agree with Cheese.

That being said, I PERSONALLY have answered this question with suggestions about 10 times since I've been posting here. Look for air compressor with me as the user name in the search function and you'll likely find the information you need.

Three basics:

1) If you can plug it in a standard 120V, you're not making more than 2 real horsepower.

2) An oil lubed one runs quieter, performs better and lasts longer.

3) The CFM output (air consumption) at the rated pressure (typically 40 and 90 PSI) must exceed the CFM requirement of your tools, otherwise you cannot use them. So if your compressor puts out 3.5 CFM at 90 PSI, and you want to use an impact wrench, you're out of luck...most are 4 CFM on average. Bottom line, your compressor should always exceed the CFM usage of the tool by a good margin if you want to use it with that compressor.

That's it in a nutshell. Home Depot has some good compressor information in the Tool Corral printed by Ingersoll Rand. I suppose Sears has it too.

Good luck.

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