what kind of saw do I need for this job?


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what kind of saw do I need for this job?

In my kitchen, plywood was installed over the wall and then the cabinets installed over that. That plywood "overshot" the cabinets by a good six inches and I would like to remove it. Is it possible to cut this plywood flush to the cabinets? Or do I need to remove the cabinets first? What kind of tool do I need for the job? Thanks for any advise.
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If you have a real real steady hand, you could use a recepriocating saw, with a 6" wood blade. You could cut right down the cupboard side, but you would have to be really good and careful. One slip and your into the cabinet.
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What is the "plywood" for? If you answered that or took a picture and posted it to a website and we could see it, I or someone else may better be able to answer you...

Good luck.

I'm curious about this now.

Routers use flush trim bits but I don't know if it will work with this application..
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the plywood is for...

well, I assumed that it was to stablize the walls- the walls are those old horsehair plaster kind that crumble easily. I didn't need so many cabinets so I removed one and pulled out the plywood- made a big mess of the wall in the process. I think the overshot plywood area was for more panelling- but paneling doesn't really "go" there, so I want to remove it. So I tried a "drill saw" bit that I spotted at home depot- you just use a power drill- but it didn't work at all. The reciprocating saw might be the best bet. Thanks.

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