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I have a weedeater brand trimmer with 22 in bar. Is there a way to sharpen it and what tools will I need ? Thanks
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Hello dispatcher43. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Hedge Trimmer Blades are not the easiest blades to sharpen.
Nor is it easy to remove them from the power head and drive assembly.

However, once the blade assembly is removed and cleaned, a hand held Dremel or Black & Decker or other similar drill motor, with a cone shaped grinding stone attached can be used.

Special care needs to be taken during the disassembly and reassembly process. Very special care and lots of attention to details is essential for the first time do-it-yourself person.

I suggest you start with a well cleared and cleaned off work space. Have any small container to place the removed parts into.

Secure the cutting bar blades in a vise. With grinding stone power tool in hand, follow the existing cutting angle or angles on the blade.

The bar can also be sharpened using a bench mounted small sized grinder with a rounded shaped grinding wheel, shaped to fit the spaces of the bar.

Hand filing is another method. Very time consuming option, in my opinion. But very possible. Obtain a round file, with handle, used to sharpen chain saw chains.

Safety Reminders:
Wear gloves and use eye protection and or a face shield!
Allow no distractions during the sharpening process. Distractions can cause accidents and or serious personal injuries.

Each screw on the cutting blade has a spacer in between the slots. It is impertative each is located, cleaned and replaced during reassembly.

Pay very close attention to both the order and the assembly of all the screws which are to required to be removed. This applies to all assemblies and especially those on the blade assembly.

Once the bar is removed, note the existing assembled manner as the parts are removed. The bar must be reassembled exactly as it currently is.

Lube the cutting bar assembly during assembly. Any light weight grease and or chainsaw bar and chain oil is perfectly fine. Do not use automotive or wheel bearing types of grease.

Failure to assemble the cutting bar correctly will require additional and possibly frustrating additional attempts to allow the bars blades to operate correctly.

Regards and Good Luck.
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