Brinks BHS-1000B


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Brinks BHS-1000B

I have a Brinks BHS-1000B system in my home. I belive that I have discovered the code written down to activate the system. However when I plug the bad boy in to the AC power the keypad lights up the "transmitting" icon and then after about 60 seconds all the lights turn on and the keypad begins to buzz. The keypad is not responsive. I did deactivate the siren so the darn thing would not bring the wrath of the community down upon me while I fiddled with the thing.

Does anyone have any clue what the deal is?

If I don't have the right code is there a way to reset the system so that I can use it?


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If you get a reply from anyone who has a manual for this system that they would be willing to post or email please let me know. I purchased a home with a BHS-1000B this summer and have no user's manual for the system. I like many others tried to ge a user's guide from the Brinks website unsucessfully. I called and was informed that unless I activate my alarm with them, I could not get one.
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Cvanhoy, that's the main problem with Brinks, they are proprietary, they keep their info very secret, most technicians do not have access to this info. I can't really help either of you, except to say replace the panel and keypads with something like and GE/ITI Concord Express (about $150 for Panel and 1 keypad.) Your other option, as far as I know, is to call Brinks and have them hook it up for you.

Sorry, but when it comes to Brinks, that's about your only options.

Good luck!
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I also have one of these units. I found that the keypad manual page on Brinks site is open - I'm not sure why; all other links on the site are protected.

Anyway - here is the pertainent information from :

You may have hack off the "s" in http and you may have to give them some personal information.

Sorry for the poor format - I suggest copying it to a word processing app - like "word" and get it in columns.

Also, I have not had much success with this - but I did get it to quiet and turn off the transmit light. I am (so far) unable to get the door bell (when someone opens an door/alarm) work.

This information is for a keypad that has three panic button at the top, staus LEDs to the left, and a POTS keypad. (Plain Old Telephone System). That is: it has 123 pads at very top. Then 456. Then 789 and *0# at the bottom.

Its important that you have this keyboard (i think) because the other keypads have different command sequences.

Action - Button Action - Keypad lights (READY always present)

Turn system ON - Click 1,2,3 master code - Red on light will flash

Turn system OFF - Click 1,2,3 master code - READY, POWER

CANCEL false alarm - Click 1,2,3, master code and # 9 - Quick beep, READY, POWER

Test Communication - #7 - READY, POWER, TRANSMIT will flash for 3 seconds and second loud sound (bark) will emit from siren to confirm the test is complete

Activate CHIME - Click #5, #6 - POWER, WATCH/INSTANT, BYPASS

Add Auxiliary Codes - Click * then Click 1,2,3 Choose 1-6 (position to place new code) Enter new Auxiliary code i.e. 4,5,6 - READY


ACTIVATE door's INSTANT feature - Click 1,2,3 then click #5 - READY, ON, INSTANT, POWER- red light will be solid

DEACTIVATE door's INSTANT feature Click 1,2,3 master code READY, POWER

Check alarm memory #2 Last zone (light) tripped will flash. The numbers to the left of the lights represents the zone number tripped

Activate POLICE Panic Click blue shield ON light, Siren will sound

Activate MEDICALPanic Click green cross ON light, keypad will beep, no siren

Activate FIRE Panic Click red fire button ON light, siren will sound
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With any other system type have these symtoms occured? I would imagine that they all would behave in a similar way. Again when I plug the bad boy in to the AC power the keypad lights up the "transmitting" icon and then after about 60 seconds all the lights turn on and the keypad begins to buzz. The keypad is not responsive.

Like I said I do think I have the alarm code to activate and deactivate the guy... I just can't seem to tell why it is acting this way.

Thanks for any help.

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Talking Thanks for the Info

Thanks for the info on the keypad. That was all that I needed to get my system operational.
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If you have the code for the alarm, when you plug the unit into the ac immediately enter the code and it should disarm the system.

They are set to act this way so they can't be tampered with. When you enter your code it should disarm the system and then the led for the transmit will stay lit or blinking ( I don't remember which). This light will go out once you have set the alarm again and then disarmed it again.

Good Luck!!
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Unhappy help

If I don't have the right code is there a way to reset the system so that I can use it?

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