Moving/relocating an ADT Keypad - Easy?


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Moving/relocating an ADT Keypad - Easy?

I recently had an ADT Focus 32 alarm system installed w/ 3 DSC keypads (one LCD near the entrance door, one LCD in the master bedroom, and one LED keypad near the garage door).

I've just realized that the LED keypad doesn't offer the ability to arm the system in STAY mode where only the windows & doors are armed (the LCD keypad has the ability to do this w/ separate STAY and AWAY buttons).

I want to move the master bedroom LCD keypad near the garage door and move the LED keypad (from garage door) to the master bedroom because there are times when I leave through the garage and want to only arm the windows/doors and NOT the motion sensor (I've got a cat).

Is this possible/relatively easy? If it's a matter of simply reconnecting the wires at these 2 locations after I switch the hardward I don't think it should be too hard for me to do but would like to check w/ some experts on this site... I know ADT will charge an arm and a leg now to do this.

Thnx for any help... I can send models/pix of the keypads (they're DSC ones) once I get home.

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Moving the keypads is easy enough. If you've looked at the back of the keypads, you've probably noticed that there are only 4 wires to each (ADT may have 5 on theirs, but I don't think so.)

Before you start moving anything, there are some considerations that need to be taken. The first is keypad zoning. It's very possible that the keypad by the garage door also has a zone attached to it - the garage door. Many installers use this method to save having to run a separate wire for the door. The best way to tell: pull the keypad off the wall and see if the door is wired to it. If it is, leave everything like it is, don't move anything around - you're garage door won't work and you'll have an open zone all the time.

If the garage door is not connected to your keypad zone, then you should be ok to move your keypads, but, first, make sure you completely power down the system - <i>including</i> disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the transformer (btw, if you have a hard time finding the transformer, you can just disconnect the wire connected to terminal 1 - double-check it's the power wire first - and wrap some tape around it temporarily - <i>be very careful to not touch it to anything inside the panel, you'll short your transformer</i>.) Once you've powered down, go ahead and switch the keypads, making sure you reconnect the wires exactly like they came off. Power back up and you should be operational.

Good luck!
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Thnx for the quick reply!

I will check when I get home tonight if the garage door is wired to the keypad... in fact there is also a side door in this area that may be wire too (not sure if it's a separate zone)... hopefully not.

Would it be pretty easy otherwise to just buy a newer DSC LED keypad w/ the Stay and Away option buttons? Could I just as easily replace the Basic LED I've got now w/ one that has a Stay and Away button relatively easily (I'm guessing all I do is connect the wiring the same way on the new one)?
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