Security System

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Security System

I have an OLD (circa 1983) Fire Burglary Instruments system in my home. No information / documentation was passed on from the previous owners.
Currently showing "trouble" depending which zones are enabled.
I suspect a bad window switch but not sure.

Also not sure how to enable / operate remote key switches.

Is there any information available on
Operation of unit.
Wiring / block diagrams to determine source of problem.
(pc board schematics more than acceptable)

The only information as to "model" is on the PC board,
silk screen indicated 642UL A


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That's an FBII system (now owned by Ademco) - if you look on the front of the control panel, it will probably have a small square sticker indicating so.

More than likely it's an XL-1 or XL-2 type of system. FBII also made several other systems (most of them nothing more than paperweights.) Typically, when I run across one of these systems, I replace it. They were made very cheap and sold very cheap and tend to have more problems than they're worth.

However, if you want to get a manual for that system - take a look at FBII's file library. You will have to know the model number before you can get a manual for it, though. Usually there is a small, round sticker somewhere on the board (that should tell you how cheap these boards were made - they can't even write the model number on the board itself.) I haven't worked on many of these systems (since, like I say, I just replace them), so I don't know how you would go about finding the model number without that sticker - just keep looking. You might try pulling the board out of the box so you can look at the back of it - you should be able to do that without pulling the wires off the board. If you do have to pull any wires off, just make sure you 1) power down first (unplug the battery and transformer 2) mark them so you know where they connect back to.

Oh, and I should be able to get an installation manual for you too, when you find out what model it is.

Good luck!
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Welll,,,,,, I think an XL-1 or XL-2 would be an upgrade to my unit.

The "little round sticker" indicates B13 and 3/83 (mfr date?)

On the PC board there are two #'s,

642 UL A and EPC-1

This unit is so old, the only method of external control is via key switch panels, though it does have a wireless "panic switch", about the size of an old garage door opener.

Internal controls consist of a three position sw labeled Zone 1 & 2 ON. - 1 OFF, - 2 OFF
A Reset switch
Green LED - Trouble
Red LED - Bell Cut Off

There are NO keypad control units, and looking at the connections on the control board. no provision for them.

The key switches have only the key switch and two LED's, one green, one red.

The key switch on the control panel is indicated with a single set of contacts, i.e. system is on or off / each closure of the switch cycles the mode of the control.

I realize that I am dealing with antiquity here but if I can make it work (once I verify it's operation) so much the better.

Thanks again

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Yep, you got that right, an XL-1 would be a definite upgrade

Unfortunately, no one provides support on these systems anymore. So, I can't even get manuals for them. I have never actually seen one of these systems (although, I have seen one that was replaced with a Moose MPI-26 (which is also about 20 years old - who knows why anyone would use this panel to replace an FBII???)

So, it looks like you're pretty much out of luck. You may want to try posting over at There are some older guys that hang out there that may know something about this system. But, I can tell you right now exactly what they are going to tell you to do - replace it

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info, posted query at AlarmsBC, we'll see what happens.
I can understand you comment about replacement, but, no firmware to upgrade, no codes to remember, no software to reload, all entries monitored, fire and smoke protected, relatively basic solid state control panel,,,,,,,
There is an old saying,,,,,
KISS,,,,,, keep it simple s-----!
The more complicated thing get, the more there is to go wrong,
the more expensive it is to maintain!
With just a little bit of info, I can have an effective system back in operation, most likely a a minimum of expense!
Thanks again!

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It wouldn't surprise me if that wireless unit is one of the old Linear add on units. I still have one that I use with the matching reciever for remote triggering when I'm troubleshooting wiring (there are times when a toner just won't do the trick).

Truthfully, a fairly thorough check of the FBII site, and our own stash of very old manuals tells me that that puppy is extremely unsupported. Your wiring harness is probably ok. As much as it galls you to spend the cash, an upgrade to a modern control will probably get you the best bang for the buck.

Very old units like that can have a lot of very irritating habits (kind of like old british sports cars).
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Your comments are well taken and appreciated.
There is a certain amount of "scrooge" factor involved here. (lol)
I approached this situation knowing that most would consider this unit antique (at best!)
Having been in the Service Industry for 20+ yrs, (CAD CAM installation and service) I am no doubt the bane of service repair centers as I have always repaired all of my appliances.
(microwave and tv in the last 6 mo. but both under 5 yrs old)
Along with that, I enjoy the challenge!

I have located documentation for this system too!

For anyone who has not aware of it,

They have an EXTENSIVE library of installation and operators manuals shoould the need arise for anyone else.

Thank you all for your input and comments.

Best regards

Al B. (fl too)

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