Intruder make the power go out from the outside?


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Exclamation Intruder make the power go out from the outside?

Hi all,

we had a slightly frightening experience last night. something woke me up, and i heard something moving through the brush outside. could be an animal, ive seen deer in the yard before however! when i peeked out the window, i noticed all of our floodlights that had been turned on a couple hours earlier and were still switched on, were now OUT!

very scary to say the least. we couldnt see anything out there, and kept hearing noises. i didnt hear anyhting that sounded like anything touching the house yet, so i didnt call the police. but i thought for sure, someone had unscrewed the flood lights!

when it got light out, we went outside to find that the lightbulbs were not tampered with and then noticed that all the power along that entire wall had simply gone out. i then went in the basement and flipped a few switches and finally found one that turned that wall back on.

sorry for the long story but what i need to know was could this have been made to happen from the outside somehow? possibly the noise was just a coincidence. the only power electrical anomaly i could think of that was connected to that wall was a 8-bet Nintendo Entertaintment Video game system that was left on and connected to an extension cord. Other than that, nothing else was on, on that wall, besides those flood lights (which are generally on 24/7)

i hope to get to the bottom of this before night returns!
thank you!
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I presume you mean that when you "flipped a few switches" you are talking about the circuit breakers on your main panel? Are these lights on all the time or are they activated by motion sensors?

You should add up the wattage of all the lights (and your Nintendo!) on that circuit. Divide the total watts by your voltage (I do not know if you are in the US or someplace with 220 V) and make sure the resulting number (amps) is less than the rating on the circuit breaker for that loop.

If your total amps comes to 9 and the circuit breaker is 10 amps, you could have a problem. Wouldn't take much of a glitch to trip the breaker. If your amp draw is greater than the breaker, well, you need to replace your bulbs for lower wattage ones.

The only way someone outside could trip your circuit breaker is to remove a light bulb and put something in the fixture to cause a short-circuit. This is not recommended, as a likely side effect would be to electrocute the person attempting it!

I would like to add a suggestion- I sleep well at night because I keep a .357 Sig semi auto pistol by my bed and a shotgun in the closet. If something like outside noises and malfunctioning lights keeps you up all night you need to look into some kind of self protection and training to use it.

If you live in England or France, you have my condolences.

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