Fianlizing alarm installation: hooking up motions?


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Finalizing alarm installation: hooking up motions?

I have 2 DSC Bravo 6 motion sensors, and just need a little clarification on how to wire these things.

I can use 2 hardwire zones for theses, I have plenty on my panel, so no need to wire them together.

The contacts on the Bravo 6 are labelled +12 / Gnd / NC / C

Its a no brainer what should go to the +12 and GND , but which output do I use to go into the control panel NC or C, or do I use them both some how?

I also have a 2k ohm resistor to go inline after the connection is made.

I sure someone can help!

BTW, I have a Concord Integrated panel if that matters.


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Wire the motion n/c for end of line supervision put the resistor inside the motion in series on one leg of the circuit, if you have room on the panel set up each motion to a seperate zone any question contact me [email protected]


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Its a no brainer what should go to the +12 and GND
Just like a keypad - very easy to do.

...but which output do I use to go into the control panel NC or C, or do I use them both some how?
You'll actually be using both - the NC should go back to your Zone Input (yellow wire typically) and the C should go back to the Zone Common (green wire.)

I also have a 2k ohm resistor to go inline after the connection is made.
If you're going to put one per zone, just wire the EOL in series inside the motion (usually on the yellow wire - one leg to the wire, one to the NC terminal - but you can wire it to green too, doesn't really matter.)
If you're going to series 2 or more sensors together, put the EOL at the true End-of-Line (I think we talked about this before - same idea.) EOL supervises the entire line.

I sure someone can help!
You know it
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