Brinks Security system

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Brinks Security system

When we purchased our home it had a Brinks Security system already installed. It is a Scantronic box Issue Number C-5797 panel. We never contracted with Brinks to monitor the security system. It was used pretty much for the door chimes and the panel as a night light. We received at LOW BATT signal and I manually disconnected the 12 volt battery and bypassed the alarm. One night our smoke detectors went off due to a bad 9 volt battery in one. All of our smoke detectors are hardwired together. At 1 A.M. I really was uncertain as to if the alarm was being issued from the Brinks Keypad or the smoke detectors. I unplugged the Brinks panel from the wall.
I also disconnected some sensor wire from the panel. After determining the problem was with a 9 volt battery in a detector which was and totally unrelated to the Brinks system I reconnected the wires in the panel box and plugged the system back into the wall outlet. Since there had been no battery backup the alarm keypads indicated a power failure and both keypads went completely black. My question is how do I get the keypads to become luminated and the door sensors (chimes) working again. The entire system is completely down. Brinks of course will not lend a hand unless I contract their services for three years. Any ideas/suggestion will be helpful.
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Its would seem without knowing exactly which wires you disconncted in the panel...that you may have disconnected the keypad wires or the A/C transformer wire...and when you relanded them maybe they didn't go back in the same locations.
Its hard to tell with the description given... but your best hope would be to try to remember what was disconnected and make sure they are put back where they came from.
You can try an check the panel door for a diagram and look at locations for A/C power or Keypads and make sure that these are or are not the locations which you disconnected wires.
With A/C power properly connected and the keypads wired correctly the system could run without a backup battery{ but with issues as you have stated} and the keypad would be back to chiming as normal.
Typically most techs upon hand off of a security system train the customers on emergency power down procedure, by unplugging A/C transformer from wall outlet and disconnecting red battery lead. This drops power to the system and shuts off all sirens and keypads normally.
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Problem Resolved

Went through the wiring plan on the inside of the box with someone well versed in schematics. Everything had been rewired correctly. We tested the power coming off the transformer and found it to be zero. I searched through some online home security product suppliers and found one that sold 16.5Volt 40Amp transformers. Replaced it and the battery which I knew was also hatched. Everything works like a charm!! Thanks for all your help!!

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