How to extend Simon 3


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Question How to extend Simon 3

I have a Simon 3 system and would like to know how to add more contacts, motion sensor, and possibly an outdoor siren. I am also interested in adding a key fob and an extra keypad.

My control panel is 60-875-11-3.

My questions are:
1) Where can I get these accessories on the web?
2) Is it easy to add accessories to Simon or do I need to contact my alarm company? Are instructions available on the net?
3) Can X-10 components be added to my control panel?
4) How do I know that the accessories I buy are compatible with Simon?

Any information is appreciated.
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I'm beginning to wonder if there needs to be a special forum for Simon questions...

See the following thread:
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Monitoring Center

Does the monitoring center need to know that I added extra sensors?
Will it pick up alarms from these new contacts?

I know the master code for my simon but am not sure if adding extra sensors would compromise my alarm monitoring service.
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99% of the time, Simons communicate using a format called Contact ID, this is a good thing, as you don't have to mess with reporting codes. Simply make note of which zones the new devices are on and call customer support and have them update your zone list.

You might want to verify this, but these days, anyone who can use this format does.
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I'm on my 4th day of my month to month contract. House got burglarized and got the Simon after the fact.

I am still within the rescission period to return the equipment and get my money back if am I dissatisfied.

When the installer was here he verified with the central monitoring office that they were getting the signals from each of the sensors he installed. That led me to believe that if I add any sensors on my own, I would have to advise them of those changes. Otherwise, they wouldn't pick up the alarms from these 'rogue' sensors. Do I understand this correctly?

The installer was charging $60 per contact, and I didn't want to pay that much. So I wanted to go the route of the 'do it yourself'.

The other thing I noticed about my Simon is that I could net get it to call my cell with voice event notification (Option 43). Also the installer said mine is not X-10 compatible. This was contrary to what my salesman told me.

I also could not dial in to the console to check the status for off-site phone operation. My salesman sold me on this feature, but the installer said it doesn't have this feature.

Thanks for any explanation on this matter.
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They would get the alarm generated by the added transmittors, they just would'nt know what they meant. They have a template that lists all of the expected signals from your system, anything new would come in as "undefined".

$60 per transmittor is not outrageous, they retail in the 35 to 75 dollar range each (depending on your source), the cost of the technician is partially figured into that (in addition to the hourly labor charge) when there's a home visit involved.

X-10 compatibility requires a different transformer than comes with the base system, and I think that you have to use the x-10 devices that the install manual specifies. I've seen a lot of comments to the effect that the X-10 brand devices are not compatable (which I suspect has more to do with their propriatory format, than with the simon.

There are a couple of areas that have to be programmed for VEN to work. The phone's number has to be in option 43, phone mod 3 (option 44) has to be set for VEN(10); and even then, you only get alarms and latchkey info.

The default for remote access is either ring/hang/ring or 10 rings. If you have DSL on your phone line, it may not work properly (a lot of these don't play nicely with DSL, even with a proper filter).

It does sound like the installer either didn't really know the hardware, or didn't want to fiddle with the programming.
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I was able to get remote access via phone to work. I was dialing a different number that was on my contract. Now I wonder what this number was, whether it was their central monitoring station or another location.

I didn't realize that I had to call my home phone number to get it to work. Luckily my DSL service does not interfere with the remote access.

Thanks for the info on the X-10 compatibility. I guess I will just let that go and take it as a learning experience not to believe everything the salesman says. Also, I think the installer was in a hurry to leave rather than explain each and every feature of the Simon system.

My transformer is Model A30907CW P/N 22-129-ITI. Haven't been able to google whether this is X-10 compatible or not.

Now I will just weigh the pros/cons of installing the extra sensors myself, since as you say the central monitoring center might not answer these undefined alarms.

Thanks for the replies MrRon. Hope Frances was not too harsh in your area.
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That is the correct transformer for X-10.
These are the part numbers out of the installation manual.
X10 Modules*
When the panel is powered using the line carrier power transformer, the system can work with any of the following modules:
Note: Use of X10 modules has not
been investigated by UL.
X10 Lamp Module
X10 Appliance Module (13-402)
X10 Powerhorn/Remote Siren Module (13-398)
X10 Universal Module (13-399)

Frances hasn't been too bad for us. We are well inland and well drained. I spent few hours in the dark yesterday, but that was not unexpected. Mostly, it's boooring (not that that's a _bad_ thing!).
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Red face any success with x10 and simon?

True enough my transformer is x10 compatible according to the manual.

Now I am on the quest of purchasing and testing out the light module as well as the appliance module.

I visited the x10 site and found similar items but am hesitant to buy from there since the part numbers do not match those listed in the Simon manual. Are these items sold on that site compatible with Simon?

Is there anybody out there who has tried hooking up x10 to their Simon? Where did you purchase the modules? (part no.)

Thanks for the help.
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X-10 modules are all basically the same. If you get an X-10 lamp module to try it out, then it will work.

Good luck!
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