Question about new home security system. Please help!


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Question about new home security system. Please help!

Hi all
I am looking into installing a home security system in my house. I need suggestions of what system(s) is good and where can I buy it.
Below is a list of things that I'd like the system to have:
1. WIRELESS system (very important. I don't want to make holds in walls and floor)
2. Wireless doors/windows sensors (10 to 15)
3. Wireless motion detectors (1 or 2)
4. Should be able to hook up to a monitoring company if I'd like to in the future
5. Fire detection (optional)
6. CO detection (optional)
7. LCD display on panels (optional)
8. ???

I am handy, but new to this security stuff. You are very welcome to add any other comments/suggestions.

Thank you in advance,

BTW, I live in Queens, NY
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Look at Ademco, very widely used and seems to the standard in the industry.
A couple of places on the net are : and . I've purchased from both and they seem very good.
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Thanks Cliff.
I looked at the product that you suggested at I came across something that I don't understand. Under "Additional Accessories" for the system, I see a transmitter, a 2 point transmitter, and a 3 point transmitter (for window/door). What is the difference between them? Is that how many windows/doors it can control?

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Something you will need to pay close attention to is that most wireless systems still have WIRED keypads. The phone connections an power of course will be wired. The receiver for the wireless devices will be wired and most times located at the control panel and will need to be put in a central location to receive proper signals. But it can be remote depending on the quality and strength of the transmission devices determines what you can do with this equipment. But the instructions for the device will tell you ranges and such when you are investigating. Unless you are using some form of double sided tape to adhere the transmitters which may or may not hold forever, we usually use anchors and screws in the walls. { holes made but device covers them }

The 2 or 3 point transmitter question I believe refers to the number of individual signals you can get from that receiver, so yes it would mean how many doors or windows that are side by side usually you can tie into the transmitter. I would have to check the instruction for absolute verification.

My 2 cents.
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I don't mind running a short telephone cable or a power cable to the control panel. What I am afraid is the long cable from the motion/smoke detector, etc. to the panel.
I am looking at the Ademco Lynx-R wireless Kit on the web and according to the description on their website, I don't need to run any wire except to connect the control panel (OR they are just make it sound easy for you to buy???) and it has add-on wireless keypad with voice too .
Also, what do you think about the Visonic Powermax Wireless Security system?
I will try to get a copy of the installation manual for those two systems and read it.
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I considered the Visonic and the Lynx and decided to get the Lynx REN kit. I bought from the because they gave a "free" keychain remote with the system. I don't know if they have human support. Buying from a security system dealer would help with that. Also there seems to be a whole lot of places to buy accessories and to get information for the Ademco. I just discovered this forum and there are a lot of knowledgeble helpful people on here (as well as people like myself).

I'm not real sure on this but I think the Visonic can call your cellphone, pager or another phone to report alarms without being monitored. The Lynx can also report alarms to a pager but it is designed to report first to a central station. If it doesn't make a successful report to a central station it gives a communication fail error in the panel. I don't know how the Visonic reports to another phone (if it speaks out on what the alarm is?) I think the Lynx would only send out touch tones. So if something like that would make a difference to you then it's worth looking into further.

Lynx is totally wireless except for the power transformer (and phone line wiring if you use one). The Visonic probably is also. I have a wireless transmitter on my shed which is about 100 feet from the panel and it works, but I didn't perform the go/no go signal strength test as recommended in the installation instructions. So far, the system has never failed to receive the shed's check in signal. I'm very satisfied with the Lynx.
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Thatís one of the features Iíd like to have. I want the system to call my cell# with or without monitoring service. Pitville, by any chance you have a digital copy of the installer manual? Or do you know where I can download one?
Is anyone familiar the Simon-3 wireless system? How is it compared to the other two systems?
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