DSC 832 - How do I disable one keypad


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DSC 832 - How do I disable one keypad

I have four keypads in the house and need to disable the one in the basement. Is there a simple way to do this?

I did read somewhere about disabling a keypad by entering an incorrect master code a few times ... my only concern is being able to reactivate the keypad in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The easy way is to simply disconnect the wires from the back of the keypad, then do the following:

Enable Supervision
Once all the Keybus connections have been made, supervision must be enabled so the panel can indicate a
trouble if a module is removed from the system.
To enable supervision, enter the following at any keypad:
Step 1 - Press[*] [8] [Installer Code] to enter Installer Programming.
Step 2 - Press [902] to enable supervision. The panel will automatically search for all modules on the
system. Once the search (it will take about 1 minute) is complete enter the following to confirm
the modules on the system.
Step 3 - Press [903] to display all modules.
Zone lights will be turned on according to what modules the panel has found on the system. The LCD keypad
will allow you to scroll through the modules. Refer to the following chart:
Light [1] ....... Keypad 1 present Light [13] ........ Zones 25 to 28 present
Light [2] ....... Keypad 2 present Light [14] ........ Zones 29 to 32 present
Light [3] ....... Keypad 3 present Light [15] ........ N/A (not used)
Light [4] ....... Keypad 4 present Light [16] ........ N/A (not used)
Light [5] ....... Keypad 5 present Light [17] ........ Module PC5132 present
Light [6] ....... Keypad 6 present Light [18] ........ Module PC5208 present
Light [7] ....... Keypad 7 present Light [19] ........ Module PC5204 present
Light [8] ....... Keypad 8 present Light [20] ........ Module PC5400 present
Light [9] ....... Zones 9 to 12 present Light [21] ........ Module PC5928 present
Light [10] ....... Zones 13 to 16 present Light [22] ........ Module LINKS2X50 present
Light [11] ....... Zones 17 to 20 present Light [23] ........ N/A
Light [12] ....... Zones 21 to 24 present Light [24] ........ Escort5580 module present
If a module is connected but does not show as being present, it may be due to any of the following reasons:
it is not connected to the Keybus
if there is a Keybus wiring problem
if the module is more than 1,000'/305m from the panel
if the module does not have enough power
if the PC5132 does not have any devices added

Removing Modules
If a module is no longer required on the system the panel must be told to no longer supervise the module. To do this
remove the module from the Keybus and perform the Enable supervision function again.

This does require that you have access to the installer code, which may be an issue.

A simple alternative is to power your system down. Remove the keypad, and reinstall it inside the control panel cabinet, temporarily. Tape off the ends of the normal location wires so that they cannot contact each other, and stick a blank coverplate over the location. Power the panel back up, reset the clock, and when you need the keypad in the basement again, reverse the process.
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Thx ... but one more question

I like the simpler alternative .. but what do I need to know to connect the kepad directly to the control panel?
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Just a short length of 4 conductor wire. Telephone wire will do nicely. Just pay attention to what color was connected to which terminal point on the keypad, and simply match it up at the keypad terminals inside the system can. The diagram on the inside of the panel door will guide you pretty well.
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Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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