ADT Phone Problems


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ADT Phone Problems

Hello. We have what we think is an ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 / Security Manager 2000 (because of the Blue ADT Programming Guide we found in the control box) and ever since last Friday, when someone calls our phone line instead of going into our Bellsouth Voicemail after 4 rings, there is a screeching sound on the line (similar to a fax machine sound) followed by a pause followed by a recorded female type voice that says "Hello" followed by another pause and the same recorded voice saying "please enter your phone code".

We blamed it all on BellSouth and they say it is not their problem, that it must be our security alarm system "overloaded chip" or otherwise and the only thing they could temporarily do was to shorten the ring cycle of our phone lines to 3 rings before calls go into voicemail. Problem is we have a secondary line which BellSouth forgot to shorten the cycle for and the calls after 4 rings instead of going to voicemail, are going to this series of screeching sound, and recording requesting a phone code.

We called ADT on the advice of BellSouth and they are literally "washing their hands" and are not offering any phone support, only saying they can send us a technician for $75.00 per half hour. We feel this ridiculous.

My husband opened the control panel and disconnected the phone line from the system and when we do so, there is no trouble and the problem does not occur so we definitely know that it is an ADT system problem mixing in with our phone line.

Any suggestions as to how we can fix this interference with our phone line so we can save money which we cannot afford to spend at this time?

Many thanks.

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If you currently don't have active monitoring on the system, you can leave it unplugged. You might have to turn off the dialer function. If you get no troubles on the keypad in a day or so, then the dialer has already been turned off, so no harm, no foul.

Basically, I suspect that the panel is trying to pick up the phone for programming/download. It might actually have the add-on that allows remote telephone access, but it's not likely.

_Do not lose that blue sheet!_ It's not as good as having the actual manual, but it's an invaluable guide for changing settings on this system.
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Thank you

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. In our case, we do have active monitoring with ADT so unplugging it would not help out. I guess we are not going to have much choice but to pay ADT $75 per half hour to come and fix this tomorrow.

Thanks again for trying.

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Cool alarmguy

Want some good advice????????????

Drop the three letter company like a bad habit. Look at your contract and see what the anniversary date is. You can then see when the "auto renewal" date will be by reading the auto renewal clause. They will typically roll over or auto renew you contract 30, 60, or even 90 days prior to the anniversary date and sometimes these rollovers are longer than the original contract which can turn a 3 or 5 year contract into a 6 or 10 year contract. If you cancel then do it before they can auto renew you and do it with a written letter and send it certified return receipt. They are notorious for saying they didn't get the letter so you should have proof they signed for it. If you try to cancel after the auto renewal date they will hound you to your grave. If you don't pay the remaining balance on the contract they will threaten you with collections and a black mark on your credit report.

Get rid of them and try to find a company that will go month to month with a monitoring rate $22.00 or below. They are out there and they will do a better job on the service end and won't nickel and dime you to death on the service end.
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What you're hearing is a phone module picking up. You need to go into programming (6321800), enter *28, then 0. This will disable the phone module, and should clear up the problem. Exit programming by entering *99.

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