Bypass light goes on when armed


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Bypass light goes on when armed

When I arm my DSC 832 (5010) the bypass light always comes on.

This is the first time i used this alarm (just moved in)

I have the master code, and installer code.

I do have 1 trouble condition, that is *2 1, 1 (Service required- battery low)

I think it might need to be replaced...will find out soon.

Will a trouble condition cause the system to bypass?

It doesnt appear to be bypassing any zones because all zones lights are off and functional. and no zones are bypassed using *1

Thanks in adance!
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You may have an interior zone (a motion or interior door), that is configured to autobypass if you arm the system and don't leave through the entry door.

Try opening and closing the door. If the bypass doesn't happen then, then there's an interior device. The bypasses automatically clear when the system is disarmed, and there is a programming option where bypassed zones don't show when the system is armed.
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bypass light

I have two interior zones (motion) and 1 delay zone (door) the rest are instant.

How can I turn off the feature that does not show the zones bypassed when arm or the auto bypass feature?

I would like to see what is being bypassed.

Also, not sure if i mentioned it but when i go to arm the system the Ready Light is on and no zones are violated.

The bypass light goes on IMMEDIATLEY once the code is entered to arm the system. Both in STAY and AWAY modes.

Also...some more info... When I open a window which "appears" to be alarmed it does not illuminate the keypad. The window in question is on zone 5..the zone 5 light never goes on.

Could it be that the zone 5 was internally bypassed or programmed to bypass because of a wiring error?

Thanks for your help!

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It's not a bug, it's a feature:
From the manual:
"Auto Bypass
When the system is armed and any zone or zone(s) on the system have been programmed as Stay/Away the panel will immediately turn on the ‘Bypass’ light. It will then monitor all zones programmed as Delay 1 and Delay 2. If no delay type zone is violated by the end of the exit delay the panel will bypass all Stay/Away type zones.
The ‘Bypass’ light will remain on to inform the home owner that the interior protection has been automatically bypassed by the panel. If a delay zone is violated during the exit delay, the Stay/Away zones will be active after
the exit delay expires."

Basically it's letting you know that the autobypass feature is active, and will turn on for either type of arming. It just doesn't actually bypass anything unless you _don't_ leave.

For the window, you probably have a bad contact. They commonly fail in the closed position (the little spring wears out, or the contacts get fused by a close by lightning strike).

The bypass display is turned on and off in option 7 of section 16 of the programming.
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Oh ok.....

Thanks for clearing that up.

I will check my contact and replace if needed.

THanks for all your help!
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