Safewatch 300 Entrepreneur

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Safewatch 3000 Entrepreneur

I hate to beat this old horse again, but I just bought a townhome with a one year old Safewatch Pro 3000 Entrepreneur installed. Previous renter had it installed and I had no codes or key to the panel. I had to pick the lock on the panel to cycle the power. I then performed a restart as I found on this site and recovered the installer code. I then tried to change the master code by entering installer code,8,02,new four digit code. This never worked. I later found a manual for the Entrepreneur that would seem to indicate I have to enter the new code twice. Is this correct? I was never able to use the installer code to change anything else, like the chime setting, which I tried as a test. Can the installer code only be used for specific functions? I was afraid to try arming the system as a test, since I didn't know if I could disarm it.

Unfortunately, my main problem now is that the previous renter apparently had programmed a hot key for arming and while trying to change the code I armed the system. I think the installer code will not work if the hot key is used, only the master code. I have not been able to do so.

I was so close and now I think I am screwed. Can anyone tell me a method to disarm and reset the system?


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Some revisions of the P3k make you use installer code+801+new code.

If you go to slow, it will not take it.

Key wasn't on top of the can?

As far as it being armed, you can try powering it back down and then up and see if it is still armed. the installer may have removed the "power up in previous state option".
Other than that, one option is to take the Keypad over to the panel, plug it directly into the board, and hold star and pound down while you apply power to the system. You have to hold them down before putting power to the board. Good luck man
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When I powered it down to retrieve the installer code, it came up with a dL indication. I waited until this disappeared to enter #20 to retrieve the code. I had read this was correct, and it seemed to work. Now since it is armed, when I cycle the power, it doesn't come up the same.

This was an ADT installed system, and I found the manual on their website after the fact. (It is only 1 year old). The manual indicates that the correct sequence is "Code, 8, 02, New Master,New Master". This is different from what I had read for all the other systems, which tend to require the new code to be entered only once. I wondered if this is really correct?

Also, I read another thread similar to this where the poster mentioned entering a *99 after changing the code, and then being able to disarm the system with the new code. Is *99 a valid entry on these systems and what does it do*

Unfortunately the key wasn't with the unit. I bought a $10 set of lockpicks and it took about 15 seconds to get into the box. The renter who had it installed didn't pay her rent and left. I would like to get the key and code from here, but she's not returning phone calls for obvious reasons.
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*99 is what you use to exit programming.

If you know the master code, the sequence is
Master code+802+new code+new code.

If you don't know the master code, then it is
Installer Code+802+newcode.
or sometimes if that doesn't work, then
Installer Code+801+new code.

dl is what you see after power up if in an unarmed state, you press *&# while this is displayed to enter programming through the back door.

Is it still armed when you power up?

The reason it armed is because you waited for it to finish the power up (where is says dl on the screen) and then hit #20. #2 is the quick arm command for AWAY. the 0 was irrelivant at that point.

Unless you can get the original code to disarm it, or if it will let you in by holding *&# at the same time and then powering up while holding it in, you may be out of luck.

Where does it say Entreprenuer also? Just on the KP, or on the schematic?
Entreprenuer was a different system from the Pro3k.
P#K usually says safewatch 3000, or Security manager 3000 if it was a small bussiness application.
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it is twice if you are doing it by the installer code,once by the old master.
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I entered #20 while the dL was on the screen. That's how I retrieved the installer code. After that, I tried to change the master code, but nothing happened, no beep or anything else. I had waited until the dL disappeared to do this. In retrospect, I think what happened is that I needed to enter the new code twice.

The system became armed when I later was trying to use the (I thought) new master code to turn the chime off and on as a test. When that was unsuccessful, I pressed * and # at the same time. That apparently was a no-no. The siren went off and I had to pull the power to silence it. After that, the system was armed.

When I cycle the power now, it sets for quite a while with some cryptic message on the screen. Part of the time it goes into Away Mode, and part of the time it simply sets there and never goes any farther.

I am going back (the townhome is 100 miles from here) this weekend. If I can somehow get into the system with a power up, I will try to change the master code using the "two entry" for the master code and see if that works.

As to the Entrepreneur, it is not on the keypad (it doesn't have any markings, but I believe it is an alphanumeric Vista 15, it doesn't have the microphone) but is actually printed on the label inside the lock box as part of the model number. I haven't really looked at the schematic yet.

On another front, in thinking about this, all the programming must be held on the circuit board with some sort of memory. I would generally think that it would be held in some memory segment of the processer chip (which appears to be a Honeywell). In computers, this is done in the volatile memory segment of the bios chip, with the default values being burned in the ROM section. To reset to default, you simply pull the backup battery. The main backup battery is to power the system. Is there not a small button battery to provide power to the system memory when the board is completely powered down? If so, is it not possible to pull this battery and restore the system to its factory defaults?

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No. It's an eeprom. It's data is changed electronically. It is non-volitile memory. You could power the system down for 5 years and the data would stay put.
From the user manual for this system; the correct sequence is [installer] + 8 + 02 + [new master code]. Keep this a smooth flow, a hesitation of more than a couple of seconds between keystrokes results in the data not getting entered.

I think what you did was try to change the code while still in program mode.

The double entry is only when your are using the master code to change itself.

Pressing *+# in run mode is a panic alarm

What you need to do is power up the panel while holding *+#. This should bypass the "power up in prior state" feature that's been turned on on your panel. You don't enter #20 while it still says DL. There will 20 on the display.
Use #20 to verify your installer code. Exit with *99. (Do not use *98, that locks out access with the installer code).


Once back in run mode, use the installer code to enter the new master code. From there, you should be back in business
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The procedure recommended by MrRonFL worked perfectly and I was able to disarm the system and change the master code.

One thing to note is there were two things causing me trouble, and I think they may be common to people with these systems who have the same problem.

First, I have seen a lot of posts where people with this or the 2000 system are caught with the system armed and no master code. A bunch of posts basically have said that there is not much you can do. This is the first one that pointed out that a power up with # and * got around the start in previous state problem. I had already tried this, but had no luck. I had done this previously (before the system became armed) to retrieve the installer code and had no problem. What I found after reading the advice and trying it today was that you have to be sure and hold down the keys not only while power is applied but until it goes into program mode. At least on my system, it seems to take quite a bit longer with the system armed. I tried once and didn't get there. The second time, I held the keys down much longer, there was a lot of screen activity and then the 20 came up. I checked the code, entered *99 and reset the master. Worked slick as a whistle.

The *99 is the other issue. I found this command in posts on other subjects, but nowhere in any of the threads I read did I fing mention of the fact that you need to retrieve the installer, HIT *99, and at that point reset the master. This is what was causing my problem initially.

After reading a lot of threads, trying several things, and then reviewing the advice in this thread, it seems that 90% of these threads would be solved by a FAQ which says simply:

Power up while holding # and *. Hold down until "20" appears.
Enter #20 and note the 4 digits.
Hit *99
Enter Install, 8,02, New Master.

I think that would do it for almost all the Safewatch systems. The problem is, most novices don't have an installer manual and the available user manuals really don't even mention the program mode and which commands are in which mode. The people who know what they are talking about often ignore someof the steps in the sequence since they presume everyone knows these. The little bit of extra detail would likely eliminate the need for most of the long threads that go back and forth. I know in my case, I had researched this for a couple of weeks, since the system was in a townhouse 100miles from where I lived. I knew how to power up the system and retrieve the install code, and I knew the command (or possible commands) to change the master. What I didn't realize was the difference between program and run modes and the need to switch between the steps and how to do it. I don't think I saw that mentioned or explained in any of the threads about lost codes.

This is not a complaint at all. I really appreciate all the help I recieved and am glad to have the system functioning. What I am suggesting is that some sort of FAQ with simple step by step keystroke instructions for the entire process from beginning to end might help more people than the snippets of the answer that passed along a piece at a time with the assumption that the novice knows how they fit together. It seems that the FAQ section of the board only covers the use of the board. A FAQ section on technical issues would be very useful, I suspect.
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This soloution was a specific question to a specific system. there are hundreds of panels out there with hundreds of users with hundreds of possible problems. So you see logistically it would be very time consuming to predict and solve all of these. The faq section would be huge. Ron did a decent job of getting the basics out there and if you need more detailed answers if you ask here it will generally get answered
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Sadly, especially with the Ademco/Honeywell clone panels (ADT, First Alert, and Security Link), not all of the procedures are consistant from model to model; so they have to be handled on a case by case basis.

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