How do I disable the alarm?

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How do I disable the alarm?

We just moved into a house a month ago and it has a Westec alarm system installed. We don't subscribe to Westec so it is basically a "stand-alone" system. Last night, my son "turned it on" by accident. I'm not sure which button he pressed, but the red light next to the word ON is lit. When I opened the door this morning, the alarm went off. My quick solution was to locate the speaker (hidden in a wall), and pulled off the wire. I also found the alarm circuit in the closet and pulled off the battery as well as the phone wire connected to it. However, the two Westec control panels are still emitting this non-stop beep sound. What do I turn them off or disable the alarm completely?

The Westec control panel is about 4" x 6", does not have model id written on it. The display is red LED. There are numeric keypads just like the phone key pads. Written next to each numeric keypad is functional key pad. For example: next to * keypad, there's the word CLEAR; next to '3' keypad, there's the word OFF'; next to '1' keypad, there's the word "HOME"; next to '2' keypad, there's the word ALL, and 'ctrl A' written next to a keypad with no number on it. My son pressed the ALL/2 keypad, which triggered the alarm. There's also keypads/buttons for emergency like fire or medical.

I tried to look up the model but Westec has so many of them. But there should be basic common functionality among all these model (like the procedure to turn off the alarm for a model should work for others as well).

Any suggestion on how to completely disable the alarm? Thanks!
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The problem is that Westec is a "re-brander". They buy hardware by different makers and put their label on the keypad and control.

That said, to solve your immediate need, you need to find the power transformer that will be plugged into an outlet, usually somewhere nearby the main control (the box with the battery). The odds are that there's a piece of furnature in front of it. Failing that, the next most likely place will be in an outlet just above the attic access. Simply unplug it, and the system will shut down (with the battery unplugged).

Disarming the system will take a code, ususlly 4 digits.

Is there a wiring diagram on the inside of the main control door? Sometimes the real make and model will be there. There may be more information on the PC board and chips.

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