wiring multiple (infared) motion sensors to turn on outdoor lights

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wiring multiple (infared) motion sensors to turn on outdoor lights

I have a need to turn on a cluster of lights at night if someone approaches my house. Obviously one can buy a motion sensor at Home depot and wire that into the lights.

However, I find that these motion sensors actually are not that sensitive, at least when the weather is warm as the overall field is quite hot, and a person walking by, even at a 90 degree angle, has to be rather close to turn on the motion detector. By the way, I have adjusted the angle of the sensor, and turned up the sensor to maximum.

So, I plan on wiring three motion sensors, basically electrically in parallel, to turn on the light cluster. Why three? for three areas that people might be approaching from. I have done a test inside the house, to test the theory of it, and it appears to work just fine.

Question: Do you forsee any problems with wiring up three sensors in parallel for turning on 250 volts of incandescent lighting?

Second question: I plan on using electrical conduit to path the wiring to the three sensors, first one is 10 feet from the lights, second is 20 feet from that, and the third is 20 feet from that one. For outdoor situations, can I legally route the 120 volt in aluminum conduit, with sealed outdoor electrical boxes with the sensors mounted to them?
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If each of the individual motion units are rated to carry that much wattage, you should be good to go (the fact that there are more of them does not void the fact that generally, only 1 of the motion units will be carrying that circuit load).

You may find that for long-term function, you will need your motion to trip a 120v relay to turn on those lights.

For the rest of it, you probably need the advice of the electrical and lighting forums as to what will work codewise.

I'll copy this thread over to that forum for you.

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