Phone Connection for Ademco Vista 10SE

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Phone Connection for Ademco Vista 10SE

I'd like some advise on making a phone connection for an Ademco 4110XM which I believe is the same as a Vista 10SE.
I have a relatively new house that has the the alarm control box panel wired through the back of the box so there are no exposed wires when viewing the box from the room. There are two phone lines connected from the a Cat 5 phone cable (has 4 twisted sets) directly to the terminal bar of the control box panel. There is no RJ31X jack at the control panel.
I want to install a RJ31X jack (or a RJ11 jack) near my computer / router and connect it to the the alarm box which is in another room. I find that there is about 50 volts DC on the two phone lines that are now connected directly to the terminal bar of the control box. I believe that this voltage is the standard voltage coming from the telephone company's outside junction box so that the alarm control panel can verify the existance of the telephone line and avoid a trouble signal.
My questions:
1. How much DC voltage does the Ademco Control Panel need to recognize the existance of the telephone line. I plan to connect through the RJ31X jack to an ABN broadband adapter provided by an internet monitoring company and I don't yet know the voltage it will provide, but I suspect its a lot less than 50 DC.

2. I don't know why there are two phone lines presently connected to the Alarm Panel. I speculate that one of them is for a back up connection to a pager, but so far as I know there is no active system to page. Can you tell me why there are two lines? One is the primary telephone line of the house. The other is a second telephone line that I use for a business line. Will I need two lines for the control panel to operate properly?

3. I don't know why I can't seem to get continuity in the telephone lines at the alarm control box to the same colored wires in my computer room. There are two extra sets of twisted wires in the Cat5 cable in the box but when I try to verify that there is continuity from there to my computer room, there seems to be no connection for them either. I plan to use one of these two unused lines for a dedicated connection if I can establish that there is continuity.
I also have a second Cat 5 telephone cable that is in the Alarm control panel box that has 4 sets of unused wires. I can't seem to get any connection between them and the same colored wires in the computer room either. Any ideas on how to check for connection or alternatively, what is the likely problem with this? I thought about trying to play an audio signal over the wires to see if itconnects but I'm concerned that the wattage may be to high and cause damage to my equipment.

Any help would be appreciated.

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A vista-10se and a 4110xm are _very_ different systems. The 4110xm is a prior generation to the vista series panels, and programs quite differently.

There are not two phone lines connected to the panel. One is the incoming phone line from the Telco, the other is the return circuit that provides dialtone to the rest of the house lines (at least it should be if wired properly). This is part of the mechanism that keeps someone from defeating the alarm dialer by simply taking a phone off of the hook.

This article gives the basics of RJ31x wiring

This article talks about VOIP wiring including the proper way to incorporate a rj31x jack.

I want to say that the telco line monitor feature looks for a minimum of about 10-15 volts, but I couldn't swear to it.

It is possible that they tapped your house phone lines in the attic by breaking the cable up there, I've seen this done in several older installs. Normally they would run back to the NID.

Pros use a tracer that puts a signal on wires that can be detected with an induction pickup, but there are other tricks that can be used.

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