Vista 10SE best upgrade option /keypad & misc


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Vista 10SE best upgrade option /keypad & misc

Hi All,

This is my first post, great board you have here!

Heres my situation, when I bought my house the alarm system was turned off and no codes given to me. Its a ademco vista 10se per the panel enclosure door. On the main
circuit board at the top it says

SA142GENC W51993 8164

On the PCB, theres a black metal piece that covers the main chip labeled

VS10E n8576

and on the main chip a sticker that reads WA6764V10.

I have found out what the installer code is, not sure if thats
the same as the master code since I did the procedure to add a master code IC + 8 + 2 + new code and it doesn't give me the 3 beeps afterward?

But I can arm and disarm the system using the installer code, only problem is the keypad is worn out and now the "1' button is dead so I need to replace it. While I'm at it I would like to add wireless glassbreak sensors for 4 different windows since I need to replace the keypad anyway.I'm not going to subscribe to a monitoring service, just use it locally and I'm looking for the best upgrade path for me an alarm novice. I do understand basic electronics, have a ohm meter,
testlight,soldering iron etc..

The options I've found so far are the now discontinued 6128RF keypad, their are still some on ebay but I don't think I can program the new wireless sensors with this alone??

Theirs the 6150RF which replaces the 6128RF, in the description it says "Keys can be programmed at the panel, and enrolled locally". I dont know if that means wireless sensors are covered or what?? But it has the :

5881ENM 16-Zone Wireless Receiver
5800TM Status Transmitter

So it will work w/the wireless sensors, I want to find out the best keypad to use that hopefully can just plug in and not have to be programmed from scratch for the current zones already setup by the previous owners.

In regards to the wireless glassbreak sensors are the "5819 's Shock processor and transmitter" what I need for a glassbreak sensor on the windows? All my windows have a bar to keep them from opening so i'm just covering the ones on ground level for breakage.

Thanks in advance for any help, this is a great website and I'm learning a lot! Sorry this is so long-winded!

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For the keypad you can either replace your 6128 with a 6160RF (this will give you wireless and a keypad that is programmable). Alternatively you can use 1 6150RF and 1 6160 for programming. The 5819 will work, but you need to buy external shock sensors to wire to the transmitter. If you buy the 5819whs it has a built in shock sensor.

Good luck
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Hmmm, if this is a First Alert 142c panel, this can be a little tricky. First Alert is the one Ademco clone where the standard Ademco keypads don't always work. If it's a straight Vista 10se, then the standard keypads will work just fine.

Try the [Installer code] + 8 + 2 + [new code] again. Make sure you keep your keystrokes in one smooth sequence. Hesitating more than a second or two between keystrokes will kick you out of code program mode and the new code won't take.

Do not get into the habit of arming and disarming with that installer code. If the is armed in any other way (such as the quick arm command), then you cannot disarm it with the installer code.

If you are wanting to add wireless devices to this system, at least one keypad _has to be a 2-line Alpha_ like a 6139 or6160 with a wireless receiver card, or a 6139RF or 6160RF.

You cannot access the zone programming menus with a 6150 class keypad.
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I believe its a regular vista-10se since it doesn't say first alert anywhere. It was monitored by adt, not sure if thats relevant and it does say ademco on the outside of the panel box also.

Unfortunately the installer code includes a '1' which is the button that died after I used the keypad a few times so I'll have to wait till I get the new keypad to change the MC. I'm pretty sure I did hesitate 1 second during the keypressing so thats probably why it didn't take the new MC.

I wish I would have ran a system test or something before I plunk down the money on ebay or someplace for another keypad in case something is wrong w/the main board but I'm fairly certain the system is ok. It didn't have any error codes like 'd1' etc.. and it would arm and disarm a couple times before the '1' button failed completely.

Sounds like I need the 6139RF or 6160RF. I'm tempted to buy a used one but probably shouldn't.

I also want to add an outside siren, Looking at the schematic inside the alarm panel door it says "Alarm output 10.5 - 13.8vdc, 2amp max, 600 ma. max for UL usage including aux. pwr." My current indoor siren is model 747 which uses 400ma, looks like only 200ma leftover for the future outside siren? Maybe it will load share and each get 300 milliamps? Is the 748LC a pretty good one? I'm going to be placing it outside under an eve.

Thanks for all the help!

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Sounds like you have a V10se, then. If the keypad is flaking on you, trying to set the master code can be a headache. Used keypads are the one thing that I don't generally recommend from auction sites, because they are the one part of the system that is prone to simple mechanical failure.

One thing that _might_ buy you some time with the old keypad is to power the system down, and pop the cover on the keypad. If you look at the contact points on the keypad circuit board where the rubber key membrane makes contact, you will probably see a dark discoloration on the circuit traces. If you gently clean those points and the back of the membrane keys with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or contact cleaner, you might be able to get it to work again, for awhile. (Skin oils get behind the keys and dry into a kind of non-conductive varnish. Cleaning will sometimes fix it but it's a temporary fix)

The odds are that your system is basically OK, so you would be safe getting a replacement keypad. Just realize that the V10se is pretty limited (it was designed for apartments and other such small installations).

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