Help: Rewire outgoing calls to use TWC digital phone?

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Help: Rewire outgoing calls to use TWC digital phone?

I turned off my 2nd POTS telephone line which my ADT D6112 was connected to and need to rewire my system to my 1st telephone line which runs on Time Warner Cable digital phone.

I've tried the following:

1. At first I thought the RF31X jack just needed to switch the location of the blue and orange wires as that is the color of my first and second phone line all throughout my house, but that didn't work.

2. I went outside to try and figure out which of my wires were the incoming phone and which were the security system, but I couldn't figure that out either.

3. I have my security system and telecom box all under my stairs. The current connection has one telephone cable going out of the digital cable modem into a hub which splits to all of my rooms. I disconnected my security wiring to the RJ31X. I've tried to:

a) Connect my RJ31X box directly to my hub thinking the box would only take over my telephone line if the security system was dialing out. After plugging into the hub I split the red/green/black/yellow wires exactly how they were split inside the RJ31X box. Then the RJ31X box connected to my D6112 via Cat5 (like it was before). As soon as I connected them together it shut off the telephone system (all the lights on my cable modem started to blink and I lost my phone line).

b) Connect my security system directly to the hub without the RJ31X. This also shut down my cable modem.

Please let me know what else I can try. I am assuming I need to somehow connect into my digital phone line instead of going through the telephone box on the outside of the house as if it were a POTS line.

Are there other details I can provide? Thanks in advance!!!

Dan in San Diego
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In the FAQ sticky for this topic there is a link to a set of diagrams for how to properly wire a RJ-31x jack into a phone system.

The only difference is that you will be treating the digital phone hub as your telco source.
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With digital phone, most cable companies simply backfeed the modem to the NID. To do this they usually just use an RJ11 cord and plug it into a nearby jack. When you wire the alarm to the NID, the alarm no longer has priority or the Ring and TIP are on another pair. The best solution is to ensure that the cable co. has a line run directly from the modem to the NID, from the NID the alarm should be connected first, then passed on to the other extensions. If this is not possible, install a BW1 connector at the cable modem. This way the alarm has the priority over the other extensions. Depending on your format your radionics panel may not play nice on the the digital phone.

Good luck

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