Brinks security alarm CP Trouble


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Brinks security alarm CP Trouble

Hi so my brinks security alarm isn't connected anymore to the security monitoring. My alarm went off and I didn't hit cancel so now it displays " CP trouble" call 800 445-0872. It keeps beeping everyday until i hit the cancel button and it stops for 24 hours. now there's no point to call that number cause i know the communication problem is that it's not connected. I just want to know how to tell the system to cancel and go back to it just being an alert system.

any advice would be strongly appreciated!
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You can't.

With Brinks hardware, your choice is to use their service, or to remove the system and replace it with a non proprietary system.

That's it.
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Call brinks and tell them that the beeping is disturbing the household and politely ask them to perform a download to remove the dialer. They will respond in one of three ways:

1.) Instruct you on how to power down the alarm...

2.) Download the panel, but "scramble" the panel (unable to use alarm locally.

3.) There is the off chance that they will be empathetic and delete the dialer by download.

They will try to sell their services to you, but just come up with a good excuse, e.g. "Police response to a crime may make my clients nervous."

Worst case scenario will be that they say no.
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Open the box and disconnect the 2 cords from the black battery. Then flip the breaker that the alarm system is connected to. This will turn off the system. Once the breaker is flipped back on it will reset the system.
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Yes, until the next time the system attempts a scheduled timer test, or sends a trouble due to a low battery, power failure, etc...

With Brinks hardware, short of their cooperation, the only long term solution is to replace the hardware.
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Here's what you *can* do...

1) Pick a time that the CP alarm going off is managable, i.e. *not* the middle of the night
2) Press and hold the "0" key until the system reboots
3) The CP alarm should then go off in ~ 10 - 15 min. When the alarm sounds, press the Cancel key, and you won't be annoyed for another 24 hours
4) If the unit ever gets "out of sync" and beeps at some other time, repeat the above procedure

Not ideal, but given that there is no code to lock out or disable the comm check function, the only other alteratives are:

1) Pry open the keypad and cut the wires going to the piezo buzzer, but of course, then it won't beep when you press other keypad buttons
2) Replace the system with one from a company which is not so anal

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